Literally Everyone Has Worn This Under-$200 Dress

Do you ever see someone wearing a piece—whether in real life or on Instagram­—then suddenly start noticing it everywhere? It can be a bag, heel, top, dress, or anything really, but once you see it, it’s like you can’t stop. Such is, and has been, the case with myself and a certain little number by cult favorite Réalisation Par for a while now, but my intrigue (and subsequent obsession) seems to have peaked in recent weeks with the release of its latest print: tiger.

The frock in question is the brand’s'90s-inspired Christy. Even if you don’t know it by name, I’m sure you’ll recognize it because, as the title of this post implies, literally everyone has worn it. Models, influencers, you name it. The dress (which comes in six different colors) has been a standout hit since it launched, and it’s pretty clear why. As you’re about to see, it can be dressed up or down, comes in both simple and standout colors as I mentioned, possesses a sleek and simple silhouette that you really can’t go wrong with, and miraculously is under $200.

To see how some of my favorite fashion girls have worn The Christy Dress as of late, and of course to shop all the prints and colors, simply continue on below.

Have a party coming up?

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Passed the model-off-duty test!

Réalisation Par Christy Dress - Hailey Baldwin



Conveniently ideal for brides and brides-to-be.

This photo is making me want to exclusively wear black and tan.

In case you ever feel the need to camouflage...

Is it just me, or do cherries feel both vintage and current at same time?

If you're looking for something to match with any and all your accessories, opt for white!

Add pairs well with ballet flats to the dress's list of virtues. 

This tiger print is so timely for fall's biggest trend.

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Alexa Chung's endorsement alone is enough to get us to buy pretty much anything. 

Take cues from the Scandis and style the minidress with of-the-moment flip flops

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