Hailey Bieber Wore the Micro-Trend Everyone's Losing It Over

Hailey Bieber and her longtime stylist Maeve Reilly are always very on top of the latest trends (and micro-trends), so it comes as no surprise that she just wore a hot-off-the-press trend that our editor Lauren wrote about just a few days ago: pinstripes.

While out for a dinner date in Santa Monica with Justin over the weekend, Bieber paired pinstripe pants with an off-the-shoulder top and sky-high pumps. The classic print trend kind of came out of nowhere but now that we realize it's a thing, we're seeing it everywhere, as Lauren so thoroughly pointed out in her micro-trend story. It's refreshing to see a new classic print that isn't gingham, plaid, or sailor stripes, and given how well Bieber wore pinstripes for her date night, I have a hunch that many in-the-know people will soon follow in her (and many other's) footsteps.

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On Hailey Bieber: Paris Georgia top; Elleme Dimple Bag ($445); Vetements pants; Zara belt; Taro Ishida Athena Black Satin Shoes ($2589)


(Image credit: Backgrid)

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