7 Random Micro-Trends Everyone's Wearing This Winter

If you're looking to add a little spice to your winter wardrobe, you've come to the right place. By now, you probably already own the major seasonal trends that have come into play, but there are a few micro-trends that have since bubbled that we think you should know about. These smaller yet still very important trending styles have already made quite a name for themselves this year and we are excited to share them with you today. 

Thanks to the fashion girls (and many more) ahead, it's clear that the 7 winter micro-trends below are here to play. Including puffer vests, white wellies, and cutout sweaters, each of the styles here are equal parts practical and forward. Do you need any of the below? Probably not. But if you've been itching to do some shopping for yourself before all the gift-giving you have coming up, these are the kind of items we are highly suggesting

Puffer Vests



If you want the warmth of a puffer jacket but not the bulk, a puffer vest is your next best bet. Thanks to fashion-girl favorite brands like Aritzia and The North Face, this trend is one that's gaining tons of steam this winter season. 

White Wellies

Wellies have been bubbling all this fall and winter, but as of late, we've noticed a new colorway sneak its way into the rotation and that colorway is white. This fresh take on the popular boot trend will make any winter 'fit feel a tad more exciting. 



This winter, stay cozy in everyone's favorite sleeper trend—quilted outerwear. If you like feeling like you're bundled in a blanket all day, then I suggest you add one of the following to your cart. 

Logo Tights

Sometimes, the best part of an outfit is all in the details and the logo tights trend is proof of exactly that. Currently, the Chanel double C tights are trending hard, but until those become available, we have a few other noteworthy designer hosiery available for you right here. 

Cutout Sweaters

Chances are you already have one too many sweaters sitting in your closet, but do you have a cutout one? Probably not. So go ahead and treat yourself to the knitwear trend of the season. You deserve it. 



If you can't justify yet another furry coat, then head to the next best thing which just so happens to be furry handbags. From shearling to faux fur, these fuzzy carryalls will soon become your most prized posession. 


Checkmate. This retro print is fun, easy, and quickly becoming one of the most popular motifs on Instagram and beyond.