6 Cool Things Pilates Girls Are Wearing in L.A. Right Now



While I had taken Pilates classes in the past, it wasn’t until earlier this year when I became a bonafide Pilates girl. My workout routine includes classes at a studio in L.A. and I love both the strengthening I’ve seen over time, as well as the mental clarity I leave with after each session. During the classes, I also can’t help but notice the Pilates fashion micro-trends that are emerging in the L.A. workout scene. Since I’ve been interested in building out my workout wardrobe, I’ve been taking notes on what all of the most stylish people are wearing.

Ahead, I’m highlighting some of my findings, including the pieces that are currently sitting in my cart. From matching sets and the popular color that is taking over to the hair accessory that is having a moment and the shoes everyone shows up to class wearing, these are the 6 key Pilates fashion items to add to your closet if you want to tap into what the L.A. set is currently slipping into.

Matching Shorts Sets

I've heard the best things about Girlfriend Collective's pieces.

This set from Skims is very popular on the L.A. scene.

Platform Slides

Platform slide sandals are one piece that is absolutely everywhere in Pilates classes right now.

Earth Tones

Warm, earthy tones are beating out any other color.

Pair the tank above with the matching leggings.

Hair Claws

To my surprise, claw clips are huge in Pilates classes right now.

Emi Jay is the brand everyone is wearing.

Yet another Emi Jay piece the cool people are wearing.

High-Waisted Leggings

Though low-rise silhouettes may be trending, high-waisted leggings are still a favorite for workouts.