Posing Mistakes Photogenic Models Never Make

Most obvious statement of the year: Models are extremely photogenic. They spend the majority of their working hours in front of the lens, so they've naturally figured out exactly what it takes to look amazing on camera, whether it's for a professional photo shoot or just an iPhone selfie. So, as we do, we went straight to the source and asked model Emma Sanders for her best tips, and the native New Zealander (who is now based in NYC) was filled with useful advice.

Sanders, who has modeled for Christian Siriano, H&M, and ASOS, to name a few, has an Instagram feed that's composed of one example after another that proves just how photogenic she is. She's clearly a natural in front of the camera, so we were anxious to hear what she had to say on the topic of the posing mistakes photogenic models (such as herself) never make.

Keep reading for Sanders' tips and a slew of examples that show how she and her fellow models expertly pose for the camera.