Why This Iconic Fashion Photographer Is Against Retouching

From a young Kate Moss in overalls to a gaggle of supermodels on the beach, some of fashion’s most memorable photographs all have one thing in common: They were shot by the legendary Peter Lindbergh. Ahead of a new exhibition in Rotterdam dedicated to his work, the lensman gave a new interview to The Guardian, and we learned a lot about his opinions on retouching.

The interviewer met Lindbergh on the set of a shoot with model Lara Stone, where someone noted that her nose looked red. “She looks absolutely fantastic … raw, the same power as Kate [Moss],” he told The Guardian. “But who cares if her nose is red? You don’t see the power and the poetry of not being perfect?

He went on to say that he does not subscribe to the industry’s standard of perfection. “The cosmetic companies have everyone brainwashed,” he told The Guardian. “I don’t retouch anything. ‘Oh, but she looks tired!’ they say. So what if she looks tired? Tired and beautiful.’” Now that’s an inspiring philosophy we can get behind.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite Peter Lindbergh images!


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