I'm Manifesting a Trip to Paris—Here's Everything I'd Pack in My Suitcase

Paris travel packing list



For as much as I'm written about planning a vacation wardrobe and the pieces I want in my suitcase recently, I have yet to book a big trip this year. My passport is feeling a bit dusty at this point, so I have my sights set on a trip abroad and specifically have Paris in mind. I had plans to travel to Paris last summer but ended up canceling it after travel restrictions got in the way. I haven't booked a flight yet, but I'm manifesting a trip to Paris and currently mapping out exactly what I would pack.

No matter where I'm headed, my approach to packing involves pieces that I can mix and match to wear with a number of looks. I veer on the classic side of the fashion spectrum, but that is especially true whenever I'm in Paris, since the theme around style there is pretty timeless. Ahead, see my Paris packing list—and stay tuned for my looks when I do end up visiting.

I just ordered this, so spot me wearing it soon.

I'm very into micro belts right now.

These are sitting at the top of my shopping list.

I won't stop talking about my Levi's obsession.

Ballet flats are back, and I'm eyeing this classic pair.

Hommegirls just dropped a new take on its button-down shirt.

Another great Zara find I just ordered that would land in my suitcase immediately.

Everyone is wearing Converse in taupe shades.

Yep, another piece I already ordered that I want in my Paris suitcase.

The relaxed fit is exactly what I want to be wearing.