Study: These Women Are More Likely to Wear Painful Shoes

You’re officially not the only one who quietly suffers in painful shoes. Retailer Long Tall Sally surveyed 3000 women and came up with some surprising statistics. While the study found that 90% of women in the U.S. have at least one pair of painful shoes—which isn’t entirely unexpected—it turns out that there is one segment of the population that is even more prone to uncomfortable footwear woes: women with larger feet.

According to the survey, women who wear larger shoe sizes are more likely to buy shoes that don’t fit perfectly. Why? As the study explains, “Sixty-three percent of women with US shoe sizes 10 and up cite that a smaller size would be more ideal for them because they feel they can find more stylish shoe options for that size.”

But choosing the wrong size isn’t confined to women with larger feet: The study revealed that 32% of all women surveyed have shoes in the wrong size but wear them anyway because they like them so much. (Guilty as charged.)

Head over to Long Tall Sally to see the full infographic on the survey results, and scroll down to shop comfortable block heels!

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Opening Image: Style du Monde