The L.A.-Girl Way to Wear Sneakers for a Day Out

A breakdown of Los Angeles’ neighborhood haunts, key outfits, and top moments that artist and It girl Langley Fox can’t get enough of.
“The Self Realization Fellowship is a meditation center only a mile from my house. I like to walk there on a regular basis.”
“Griffith Park is filled with different trails that rage in all types lengths and difficulty. The sights include the observatory and the Hollywood sign.”
“I love having plants in my house. I want to have nature around me at all times. This nursery is great for small indoor trees, cacti, and other things needed to create the greenest indoor spaces.”
“This is my favorite store. They have everything I’ve ever wanted to wear for super cheap, including flight suits.”
“La Tropicana is a little Mexican market down the street that has some healthy options and drinks on the go; it’s kind of like a bodega you see in New York.”
“I live in Mount Washington, so I spend most of my time on the east side. Some of my favorite haunts are in these areas that are rich in culture. Most of these locations are filled with beautiful nature, which is a constant influence in my drawings."
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