Sorry, But Summer 2022 Means the Demise of These 7 Swimwear Trends

outdated swimwear trends 2022


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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the arrival of summer 2022 coincides with the demise of several outdated swimwear trends. I don't make the rules—I'm simply here to observe and report back with my findings. But in case you're curious, you're about to find out which swimsuits are on the chopping block this season. After doing plenty of research and looking at the runways, social media, and what's currently on the market, I couldn't help but notice seven previously popular swim trends were more or less MIA.

On a more positive note, this summer promises an influx of some truly exciting new swimwear trends, like iridescent suits and coordinated cover-ups that promise to level up your style for the beach, pool, and backyard. Trust me. Once you see all the cool new pieces on deck for summer 2022, you'll realize that letting go of those outdated styles has never been easier. Ahead, discover the bikinis, one-pieces, and cover-ups that aren't resonating as much anymore and their modern-day replacements.

Dying Out: Highlighter Hues

The 2022 Replacement: Shimmery and Iridescent Tones

Four years ago, neon shades had quite the grip on our closets, and highlighter hues infiltrated everything, especially swimwear. While saturated shades can still be found here and there, their replacement has arrived. Meet the trend I've dubbed "mermaid" suits for their soft, shimmery, and iridescent tones that beautifully catch the light.

Dying Out: Caftan Cover-ups

The 2022 Replacement: Fully Coordinated 'Fits



If there's one swimwear rule to live by this summer, it's to always make it a matching set. Coordinating your swimsuit with your cover-up will ensure you're "that girl" when you show up at the beach, pool, rooftop, or destination of choice. A matching ensemble will always look so put-together. 

Dying Out: Puff-Sleeve Bikini Tops

The 2022 Replacement: Underwire Bikinis



There was a moment when almost all trendy bikini tops looked like they could double as regular crop tops. Think puff sleeves and any sleeves at all. I have nothing against them, but it's hard not to notice their extinction and a new kind of staple bikini taking hold—underwire tops. It's easy to see why the lingerie-inspired style has gotten so popular. It's as supportive as your favorite bra and lends a retro feel to any swimsuit.

Dying Out: Scalloped Edges

The 2022 Replacement: Cool Cutouts

It was only a matter of time until the cutout trend made its way into swimwear territory, and summer 2022 is marking that milestone. Not just any cutouts will do, though. Look for quirky silhouettes with asymmetric straps, delicate draping, and metal hardware.

Dying Out: Cutout Bandeau Tops

The 2022 Replacement: Upside-Down Triangle Tops



Buh-bye, cutout bandeaus. Hello, string halters! Take a triangle bikini top and flip it upside down to create a completely fresh swimsuit, or simply buy one already made to be styled as such. It's a simple adjustment but adds that extra hint of trendiness to your classic string bikinis.

Dying Out: High-Waisted Bikinis

The 2022 Replacement: High-Leg Bikinis



I'm personally so relieved to see the end of high-waisted bikinis. I found that they always cut off my torso in a visually awkward way and made my legs appear shorter than they are. If you're into them, do you, but I've replaced mine with high-leg bikini bottoms that sit high on my hips and have a lengthening effect on me. They're all over the market, too, which tells me I'm not alone in this preference.

Dying Out: Sports Bra–Style Tops

The 2022 Replacement: '90s-Inspired Silhouettes



I don't think athletic swimwear will ever go out of style since there will always be a sport du jour that fashion takes its inspiration from. That said, suits that resemble sports bras just for the look, performance design aside, are hitting their expiration, and simple '90s-inspired silhouettes fill the gap for understated and minimalist swimwear.