You're Done: 11 Summer Staples I'm Tired Of and Their Fresher Alternatives


I might be jumping the gun here, but I'm already looking ahead to my favorite time of year: summer. I'm looking forward to long days and warm nights that will hopefully be peppered with beach trips, rooftop happy hours, and picnics in the park. While I sit here and daydream about the rising temperatures and outdoor activities to come, I'm also examining my summer wardrobe and doing a good bit of gutting.

I think we can all agree the last two summer seasons haven't felt exactly normal, so the staples I used to wear between June and September could definitely use an update. After examing my closet, I plan to remove 11 outdated summer fashion staples that no longer feel fresh. Items like tiny crop tops and kitschy beaded bags that I hoarded for years are getting the boot while I set my sights on a few 2023 updates that will make all my summer 'fits feel more aligned with where my style is at today.

Keep reading to see which staples I'm cutting out for good and which I'll rely on to get me through the next few months. 


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You might not think that cabana shirts are on par with crochet dresses. However, in my mind, they both serve the same purpose as swim cover-ups. This summer, I'm gravitating toward the retro Jane Birkin-inspired feel of a crochet dress to throw on over my bikini instead of the printed shirts I used to be such a fan of.


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Who doesn't love a matching set? For me, summer style is all about easy dressing, and sets that pair a button-down shirt with boxer shorts are effortless and cool. I'll be wearing them on repeat while phasing out sets with biker shorts.


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I somehow racked up several fanny packs I don't wear anymore. I'll be replacing them with elevated straw and woven bags that are truly timeless. 


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While I love the look of strappy sandals, I'm done with anything overly complicated and frankly uncomfortable. Instead, elevated flip-flops feel timeless and undeniable walkable. I know I'll reach for them a ton this summer.


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Seeing as white tanks are a staple that's both forward and classic, I'm continuing with my affection for them by taking them from my spring closet into my summer wardrobe. I'll be adding some high neck options to my arsenal for the warmer weather and saying goodbye to the crop tanks that once filled my dresser drawers.


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Recently, I went to do a swimwear audit and realized the bikinis I reached for the most all had one thing in common: they featured underwire tops and high-cut bottoms. I find these features so flattering and comfortable, so I'll be leaning into it all summer and phasing out anything super-strappy that threatens to leave me with a tricky tan line.


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If you know me at all, you know I'm a tailoring girl. Waiscoats, especially in summer-ready linen and cream colors, are the "fancy" top I'll wear with everything from jeans to skirts. On the other hand, I'm retiring my milkmaid-style tops since I think these vests serve the same purpose of adding interest to a simple outfit.


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Slip skirts are a timeless staple, but lately mine have been collecting dust as I reach for longer and more streamlined column skirts in fabrics like cotton and linen.


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There's no time like the summer to show off over-the-top jewelry. My vehicle of choice is a stack of bangles, and I'm a fan of wearing them with everything from a going-out look to a bikini for a chic accent. On the other hand, I'm tired of all the chunky beads that have been trending the last few summers. 


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I may get hate for this, but I don't care. I'm over nap dresses. Since my style leans streamlined, I never quite felt like myself in the voluminous shapes, even though they were extremely comfortable. A lace-trimmed slip dress is an equally easy-to-wear piece, but it has so much more styling potential. Wear one from day to night or layering them with tees and knits.


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Classic wayfarers are just that, classic. I used to be one to try out every new sunglass trend, and because of it, I've amassed way too many pairs even though I reach for the same pair of Ray-Bans over and over. This summer, I'm vowing to stick with the classics and remove those kitschier styles that don't get as much wear.

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