5 Fall Trends That Are Outdated and 5 Trendier Picks We're Very Into

Although we're still in the middle of summer, our attention has already been zeroing in on the fall collections and all the inspiring trends about to enter the spotlight. When a change in seasons is imminent, many of us on the team sort through our closets to identify those slightly outdated pieces that could be stored away to make room for fresher finds.

Today, we thought we'd highlight some of the fall trends we're not necessarily going to be wearing as much. The items in question just don't excite us as much as they did in the past. On the flip side, there is also a smattering of new trends that we're loving to potentially replace some of the pieces we're not feeling as much. Of course, though, everything mentioned is strictly based on personal opinion, and you should really just wear whatever you love. Everything coming your way is simply intended to inspire your wardrobe.

Keep scrolling to check out new trends to consider, complete with a variety of shopping picks, many of which could work now or later come fall.

Wearing: Tonal Layering
Not Wearing as Much: Capes

Outdated fall fashion items



"The fall trend that I always struggle with is capes. Something about them reads costumey to me, so I usually stick to other types of outerwear as the weather turns chilly.

A big look that I'm excited about for fall is tonal layering. Picture a turtleneck with a button-down layered on top, a coat, and trousers, all in a similar hue. The key is to go generally oversize. Check out the Lemaire show to get a visual. I feel like this look is anti-trendy, so I can picture wearing it for many years to come." — Kat Collings, editor in chief

The best fall fashion items



"Leopard-print coats are already a thing again, and I just can't do it yet. I'm still recovering from how much leopard print everyone was wearing a few short years ago. That said, I leave open the door to changing my mind about it completely by November, so if you see me in a leopard-print coat this fall, it is what it is.

"A fall trend that you will definitely see me in is lilac, preferably in the form of a chunky-knit sweater. I like that it's not a typical fall color and that it's fresher than pink but equally pretty." — Allyson Payer, senior editor

"If loafers with a chunky lug sole never came back in style again, I wouldn't be mad. Although they were everywhere last fall, I personally think classic loafers are ultimately more enduring and, therefore, a wiser investment. Don't get me wrong. I love a good menswear-inspired staple but the novelty of those chunky soles has worn off on me.

"Speaking of being inspired by menswear, one fall trend I'm excited to wear is tailored vests, especially styled with billowy trousers à la Kendall Jenner. Suiting separates are always great for fall, and this is one I'm predicting will be big." — Anna LaPlaca, editor

"I'm really looking forward to embracing saturated shades and unique color pairings this fall rather than gray." — Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, audience engagement editor

The best blazers



"I used to wear more fitted and tailored jackets and blazers, but I've been embracing relaxed outerwear lately for a more modern vibe." — Bobby Schuessler, market director