Now Introducing *the* Summer Suiting Trend of 2021

Yep, the suiting trend has yet to let up (nor do we want it to, necessarily). For several seasons now, tailored ensembles have had a stronghold on the trendscape. We've seen the trend evolve from colored suits to relaxed and oversized silhouettes to short suits and event buttoned-up three-piece suits. With each new season, designers continue to innovate within the overall theme and the present moment is no exception. That's right, the newest suiting trend is here and fully happening, so let's dive in.

In the fall 2021 collections, coordinated sets featuring a vest or waistcoat with matching trousers emerged as *the* suiting silhouette notably from designers like Aliette, Etro, and Alejandra Alonso Rojas. But even though the aforementioned collections have yet to actually hit the market, the fashion crowd has already started adopting these vest-and-pants combinations. First Kendall Jenner stepped out in the summer suiting trend and then similar styles proliferated all over our Instagram feeds. 

Ahead, we're charting the suiting trend from the runways to the street and, of course, providing you with the coolest shopping options to get in on it for yourself.

On the runway:

Etro F/W 21


Courtesy of Etro

At Etro, shrunken vests were married to lower-rise trousers to create a hint of bare midriff that's very Y2K-meets-2021.

Alejandra Alonso Rojas F/W 21


Courtesy of Alejandra Alonso Rojas

Alejandra Alonso Rojas imagined the suiting look in a vibrant reddish-orange hue and billow wide-leg trousers.

Aliette F/W 21


Courtesy of Aliette

Aliette did away with the preppier connotation and instead took on a punk effect in slick black vinyl.

Calvin Luo F/W 21


Courtesy of Calvin Luo

Calvin Luo imbued the vest-and-pants combination with an edgier feel à la chain belts and metal detailing.

In the wild:

Kendall Jenner summer suiting trend


Getty Images

Kendall Jenner may not have started the tailored vest trend, but stepping out wearing one as a shirt with loose trousers helped solidify the look as one to know.

summer suiting trend



While the suiting ensemble can be achieved with any vest and trousers, it looks so striking when the two are part of a coordinated set.



Crisp white suiting is even fresher when grounded with a pair of statement heels.



Fashion people have taken to wearing the look with casual shoes ranging from sneakers to cushy sandals.



Of course, layering is always a good idea with vests and styling a crisp poplin shirt underneath just feels right. We only expect to see more of this combo as fall approaches.



Vests and trousers naturally have a menswear-inspired feel to them, so styling them with classic and simple accessories just seems right.

Proof that I've long been a fan of these suiting separates. Here, I styled them with tinted sunglasses and I fully support you doing the same.

In your cart:

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