3 Color Trends Fashion Girls Are Saying Goodbye to in 2019

One of the easiest ways to make a perfectly good outfit instantly look dated is to wear an outdated color trend. It's usually the biggest color trends from previous seasons that fall the fastest and hardest. Of course, if it's your favorite color, and you wear it regardless of the trend cycle, by all means, go for it, but if you want to introduce some of the freshest colors of 2019 into your wardrobe, you might want to read on.

We had an inkling that there are some major color trends that fashion girls have really been staying away from in 2019, so we consulted one of our favorite sources for insight into what people are and aren't buying: fashion and retail technology company Edited. Edited's market analyst Kayla Marci crunched some numbers for us that proved there are a few color trends, in particular, that have bitten the dust this year. Keep scrolling for Marci's insight as to which color trends are becoming obsolete this year, and shop the ones fashion girls are wearing instead.

Goodbye: Millennial Pink
Hello: Fuchsia

"In the U.S. mass market, the color currently generating the most discounts at the deepest level is pink. Over half of pink products currently retailing are advertised as reduced, with dresses as the category experiencing the most substantial cuts. The number of pink products arriving new in the mass market this quarter have reduced by 22% YoY, mimicking the luxury market who pulled their rosy items back by 34%.

"We are, however, starting to see pink trickle back in the form of bright tailoring in the mass market and knitwear in luxury. Plus, the presence of pink on the fall 2019 runway in the forms of bold fuchsia at Jacquemus to barely there pinks at Tom Ford is sure to spike interest for coming seasons."

Goodbye: Red
Hello: Beige 

"Since the millennial pink craze, the color has been knocked off its perch. First in favor of yellow and now beige and ecru tones, which are flooding the market. Red is another macro color we've seen less newness of in the mass market, which has decreased by 34% YOY."

Hanging On (for Now): Neon

"Neon colors are still trending in the market and on social media. However, their presence on the fall 2019 catwalk was pulled back due to seasonality."

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