I Haven't Shopped at Zara in a Year—Now I Have 49 Things in My Cart



With a pandemic keeping us homebound coupled with a pregnancy and postpartum period that was rife with changes (both of the physical and mental kind), Zara's not the only shopping destination I took a hiatus from over the past year. It is, however, the one I probably missed the most. That's why when I recently took a deep dive back into the brand's site—just in time for summer, I might add—I was overwhelmed but also elated by all the amazing options. Naturally, I want a lot, but since I can't possibly buy all 49 items on my current wish list (not even counting matching sets as two), I figured I might as well share them so that others out there can benefit from all the time I just put into this venture.

To see and shop all one million of my finds, broken down into categories from outerwear to beachwear to accessories, simply keep scrolling, and be sure to make me proud of what ends up in your cart.


Patchwork jackets are everywhere right now.


May or may not have already ordered this one.

Wear this anywhere, from dinner to the beach.

This will be a layering wonder.

I'm so inspired by the styling of this look.

I stock up on my basics every couple seasons, and this tee looks like one I'm going to have to buy in multiples.


These ripped jeans feel very of-the-moment.

I keep seeing this dress on Instagram and kind of think I need it.

I've been thinking about this dress for a while and think it's time to just go for it.


I love the size of this and the fact that it comes in three other colors.

I'm a sucker for anything that feels even remotely personalized.

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