Olivia Palermo Makes This Tricky Pant Trend Look So Easy


Getty Images

When on the hunt for the perfect pair of pants, there are three criteria which must be met: Comfort, fit, and style. While a classic pair of jeans is a great go-to, they don’t always sound like the most comfortable (or most fashion-forward) option. Nothing against denim of course, but sometimes you just want something a little more exciting and a little less restricting (we’re looking at you, skinny jeans).

It’s no secret that Olivia Palermo is a true fashion prodigy, so when she stepped out in a pair of pants that met all of the above criteria, we didn’t bat a lash. Of course, she found the pants every girl dreams of, who else would be as capable of such a feat?

Stepping out in head-to-toe red (also the colour of the moment) for the Tommy Hilfiger show in Milan, Palermo’s look was perfectly coordinated. And as much as we loved the entire ensemble as a whole, it’s her pants that have really caught our attention. To match her turtleneck-top situation, Palermo donned a pair of bright Tommy Hilfiger leather joggers. Synonymous with comfort, the joggers didn’t fail to look fashionable, given the luxe fabric and well-tailored fit.

If anyone could pull off joggers during fashion week, it was destined to be Palermo. And we must admit, we’re feeling very inspired to find some high-end sweatpants of our own. A few tips to find a fashionable pair? Keep fit in mind and make sure the fabric is good quality. If you need a little inspiration, keep scrolling to shop some of our favourite options at every price point.


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