Naked Swimsuits: The Trend I'm Terrified That I Like

For me, putting on a bikini is already dancing dangerously close to public nudity. As someone who isn't averse to showing a little skin (but isn't particularly flashy either), I'm all for devoting myself to a flattering suit every summer. But I've never before entertained the idea of a skin-colored suit. Now I'm rethinking things, and it's all thanks to Bella Hadid.

The Victoria's Secret model was on vacation wearing a skin-colored string bikini by Storm, and for the first time, I liked the idea of just leaning into the nakedness. While matching your suit to your skin tone isn't necessarily a new idea (any glimpse at the past Yeezy shows immediately proves that fact), this year there's something satisfying about the idea of choosing a suit that manages to convey nothing and something at the same time.

There isn't anything gimmicky or overtly eye-catching about a flesh-tone suit. But at a time where we're championing the fact that our bodies aren't objects of the male gaze, I can choose to wear a suit that exemplifies the fact that I'm comfortable in my own skin. And now, as brands work toward creating a more inclusive idea of what a "skin tone" suit actually looks like, it's possible that we all can sport a nude suit.

So though I know at first the idea of going full-on nude can be intimidating, my hope is that you find the same curiosity I do in trying a trend that, though appearing simple, can say a lot.

Bella Hadid wearing a nude swimsuit



On Bella Hadid: Storm Formentera Bikini Top ($59)

Bella Hadid styled her nude-hued swimsuit with a gold necklace, thick hoops, and a simple trucker hat.

A high-cut leg is a must-try swim style. 

Square necklines make anything feel forward.

Cutouts are always going to be a must-have swimsuit detail.

Mesh panels take the barely there approach one step further.

Ruching makes anything—even swimwear—more flattering.

Ribbing is the little detail that makes anything cooler.

Another day, another Solid & Striped suit to love.

Revolve is always a trove of swim trends.

+ La'Joi Bottom ($17)

Off-the-shoulder styles are a fresh twist on the classic swimsuit. 

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