Every Cool and Trendy Thing I'm Buying From Nordstrom Right Now

Nordstrom New Arrivals


@topshop via @sophiatuxford; PICTURED: Topshop Animal Print Oversized Button-Up Shirt ($55)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm a really good Nordstrom shopper. There's something so soothing to me about scrolling through all the pages of new arrivals with the intention of singling out the best of the best for all of you. It's here I spot some of the best products before anyone else simply because I'm willing to take the time to go through it all. Sometimes we like to highlight the best trends or the best items under $100, but today, I'm keeping things simple and am bringing you my personal list of current must-haves hiding on the site. 

Nordstrom definitely satisfies all of my trend cravings, but this week, it hit the spot more than usual. All of my current obsessions including tie-dye (yes, still), thick chains, and cute face masks were front and center in the new arrivals section and I can't wait for you to shop the cool and trendy items I'm loving now. 

I'm sorry, but this sweatshirt is perfect. 

This top is another level of chic. 

Channel your inner '90s girl with these heeled thong sandals. 

These really have me feeling some type of way. 

I never knew I could need an expensive beach tote this much. 

I already own this in white and get so many compliments when I wear it. 

This subtle tie-dye is just the mood booster I needed. 

Wear this as a mask over your face or tie it in your hair for a festive summertime accessory. 

Clogs are back and they are honestly one of my favorite summer shoe trends of the moment. 

The subtle detailing on this makes it look so expensive. 

Confused why every handbag doesn't have a chain strap. 

Have some fun with your summer workout attire. 

By the end of this story, you'll have the cutest masks of all. 

This also comes in a lemon print which I really quite enjoy. 

This top plus the following tie-dye leggings are a vibe and a half. 

Wear this with a pleated mini skirt for one of the trendiest summer looks around. 

The slit makes this skirt feel just the right amount of casual. 

Buy now and save for your next big night out, whenever that may be. 

Meet your new house/work/lounge slippers. 

Okay, I will admit it—I have a tie-dye obsession. 

Every fashion girl's favorite socks. 

You might want the orange version too. At least I do. 

A black one-piece that doesn't feel basic. 

Jazz up your T-shirt and jeans with this bold cow-print shoe. 

One more summer dress to add to your arsenal. 

Since you're probably not wearing jeans right now, these soft gingham pants are definitely a good idea. 

Because your ankles deserve accessorizing too. 

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