A Fashion Editor Goes to Nordstrom.com—Here's What She Buys for Summer

I was originally going to title this story "A Fashion Editor Walks Into Nordstrom…" but clearly the only walking I'm doing is from my bedroom to the living room where I sit on my computer and shop online. One of my favorite online retailers for everything from beauty products to contemporary designers is Nordstrom. This probably doesn't come as much of a shock to you, but it's true. While I can't really buy the summer wardrobe of my dreams due to the fact that I won't be going much farther than my backyard, my summertime shopping list is hitting a little different this season, but that's something I've come to terms with. 

With that said, I scrolled through an embarrassing number of pages on Nordstrom.com and was able to narrow down my ideal summer shopping list to 35 trendy but practical items. From heeled thongs to statement shorts, get ready to shop all the things this fashion editor is eyeing and buying for summer 2020, whatever that may look like. 

The perfect pair of thong sandals to wear with just about everything. 

I've been obsessing over all things backless for summer 2020, so this beauty is definitely going in my cart. 

For when it becomes too hot for sweatpants. 

The exciting way to participate in the boxer-shorts trend. 

I think I've included these pants in every Nordstrom story I've written recently, but that's just how much I love them. 

These remind me of Carrie Bradshaw. Therefore, I will be buying them.

This will look great with all my swimsuits. 

If you're going to wear jeans in the summer, I suggest choosing loose ones. 

The fashion-girl way to wear bike shorts this summer. 

Buy these to liven up your jean-and–T-shirt looks.

I have a lot of plain black swimsuit bottoms, but this top is really something else. 

I'm sorry, but sometimes you just can't take the Orange County out of the girl.

Sometimes a cool logo is just worth the splurge. 

These were meant to be styled with a blazer. 

Wear this with the Who What Wear thong sandals. 

Buying this for my pending vacation. 

I already own these and love them, and I think you would too.

Picture these with a black tank top and chunky sandals. You're welcome. 

Pale yellow is trending right now. 

Is this the perfect camp shirt? Yes, it is.

No better time to buy new no-show socks than the summer. 

Long shorts are the one summer trend I plan on truly living in. 

I have this bra in black, but summer feels like the best time to spice things up.