I'm a 24-Year-Old Fashion Editor—34 Nordstrom Pieces My Group Chat Saw First



When it comes to my wardrobe choices, my tight-knit circle of fashion friends is the first to hear. Like all 20-somethings, we have a chaotic group chat used for weekly happy-hour planning, venting about dating, and, naturally, thoughts on impulse shopping. This week's topic of discussion was spring wardrobe selects from Nordstrom

I always joke that being Gen Z is my style North Star when it comes to choosing my clothing, but it couldn't be any truer. Now that the temperatures are rising and I've already turned over my entire wardrobe, my friends were my go-to sources of inspiration to talk me into or out of purchases I knew weren't going to last more than a month or two. If you can't trust your besties to talk you out of buying a questionable outfit, what can you trust them with?

Naturally, Nordstrom's spring arrivals and new offerings were more than cool enough to satisfy my shopping craving and the taste of my friends. Below, shop all of the items that got glowing reviews and heart reactions from my picky editor friends. Trust me—you'll thank me later.

A text from my best friend: "I literally have two of these dresses already, and they're so comfortable."

Perfect for a chill day in the office paired with straight denim and ballet flats.

You can never go wrong with a cardigan— just ask my editor friends who swear by them.

This denim jumpsuit is just beyond easy to wear with anything.

Cult Gaia's accessory selection at Nordstrom is always a favorite among my friends.

This quarter-zip sweater is a "sophistication slay," per my editor friend.

Nineties footwear is officially back—slingbacks are the only style we've bought recently.

This coffee-colored tee is so cute for the spring.

This bodysuit can be dressed up or down with ease.

What can I say? I love a button-down knit sweater.

This is so Camille Charrière coded.

A more refined, edgy take on classic ballet flats.

Call it the Matilda Djerf effect.

Warmer weather means buying up the best shorts, and these are my friends' go-to.

My friend circle is all about making sure our looks are versatile, so this day-to-night dress feels perfect for working in the office and grabbing drinks later.

Here's a text I sent to my chat: "Do I need these??? Probably."

We're all big on the denim-on-denim trend at the moment.

Perfect for our upcoming trip to Miami.

I sent this top to my friend when she asked for the best shirt to buy for her new office job.

We're absolutely obsessed with trench coats at the moment.

For your flat-footed besties, let this be an option you send to them.

I may or may not have talked my friends into getting these on-trend huggies so we could all match.

These are the jeans we absolutely swear by.

I'm not a gatekeeper, so I'm saving the best find for last. You're welcome!