I Found the Coolest Shoes Hiding at Nordstrom Rack for Under $150—Take a Peek



Nordstrom Rack has always been my fashion secret weapon. If you know me, you know that I love to shop, but what I love even more is getting a great deal. If you’re on the same page as me when it comes to adding great pieces to your closet without breaking the bank, then trust me—Nordstrom Rack is going to be your new happy place. It has so many good finds, from beauty products to discounted designer pieces to great shoes and more. Every time I get to go into a Nordstrom Rack, I am shocked by how great its selection is. I’ll admit that lately my shoe closet has been a little lackluster and in need of some new pairs to elevate my outfits and up my shoe game.

The first retailer I went to? Nordstrom Rack—and I found so many pairs of shoes it was tough to narrow it down. In my search for affordable yet chic shoes, I was focused on finding some great Western boots, sneakers that are casual but still elevated enough to wear to work or around the city, and heels that are comfortable enough to last all night long. Not only did Nordstrom Rack have everything I was looking for, but the prices were also so affordable that I could shop guilt-free

Keep scrolling to see which 30 pairs of shoes are currently sitting in my cart that I can’t wait to wear.

I could live in my Uggs, as they're so comfy. 

I have way too many Western boots, but these are so good. 

I love good Western boots, and these are next-level. 

I love how these remind me of Barbie shoes.

These look way more expensive than they are. 

I could see myself wearing these all the time. 

These look so chic but also comfortable. 

There's something so forward about square toes.

I have such a soft spot for a good pair of Birkenstocks.