19 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds Our Editors Wear and Love on the Regular


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Just when you thought you were off the (shopping) hook post–Amazon Prime Day, I hate to have to tell you there’s a whole new wave of deals we need to draw your attention to. Yup, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially in full swing, and with so many markdowns, from beauty to activewear and everything in between, we couldn’t turn a blind eye even if we wanted to.

After all, aside from the new items we’re scouting, there are a handful of items we already own (and wear or use almost every day) that we need to re-up on before they go back to their regular prices. Intrigued? I thought so. That’s why I asked our editors to share these sale finds today, along with some lengthy explanations as to why they are so good and purchase-worthy. From the hot tools and holy-grail makeup products to the best bra and leggings, see, read about, and shop all 19 of our finds ahead.


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"This has been my favorite eye-makeup remover for as long as I can even remember. I buy it in bulk and always keep travel sizes in my toiletry bags and weekend bags so I'm never without it on a trip. It's so gentle yet effective at the same time, and leaves my eyes feeling more moisturized than before I used it." — Nicole Eshaghpour


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"As I mentioned the other week, I have loved Anastasia's eyebrow products for years and use them every single day when getting ready. I don't think I've (ever) seen them even remotely marked down, so I'm currently contemplating how many I can order without overdoing it." — Nicole Eshaghpour


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"As you're about to read below, I'm not the only Who What Wear staffer with a special love for this T3 blow dryer. Yes, it's expensive, but for someone who blow-dries their hair multiple times a week, I really need something effective so that I'm not wasting an extra hour every time and so that my hard work actually manifests itself into a nice-looking hairstyle. This blow dryer more than delivers on both." — Nicole Eshaghpour

"There are lots of fancy hairdryers out there, and truly, I've tried them all. But, it's this dryer from T3 (technically I have the Luxe version) that I come back to again and again and recommend to anyone who asks. I love it first and foremost because it gives the sleekest blowout imaginable thanks to its powerful built-in ion generator—negative ions equal glossy strands, friends! And I love it secondly because it looks chic AF on your vanity and is remarkably lightweight and quiet—a godsend if you have roommates or just don't want to feel like your arm is going to fall off before the day has even begun. Plus, tons of A-list hairstylists use it on their clientele." — Erin Jahns


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"Okay, I have to be honest and say that I actually have never tried (and therefore don't own) La Mer's eye cream and eye serum, BUT I have heard great things, and if they're even half as great as the brand's OG cream and The Concentrate, I'm sure they're truly wonderful. However, I do keep the two latter on hand at all times—the cream at my desk and at home (the office life of a beauty editor is a weird one) and the serum has a front seat on my vanity at all times. Both leave my skin incredibly soothed and hydrated, which, for someone like me who is prone to redness and irritation, is essential. They're wonderful at night, but I especially love combining them pre-makeup like Kendall Jenner's makeup artist Mary Phillips. ” — Erin Jahns


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"Two of my favorite, ride-or-die makeup products! I've been using Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner since college, and I still panic on that inevitable, fateful morning when I realize it's finally run out of juice. Not only is the tip the perfect size for creating any kind of cat-eye or liner look, but it also doesn't budge, it stays jet-black, and somehow, magically, still comes off at the end of the night with a quick swipe of makeup remover. Stila's glitter is one of my favorites, it's easy to stick in your purse, and it really adheres to your skin so you're not left with a face full of sparkle mess by the end of the day or night.” — Erin Jahns 


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"I'm obsessed with Too Faced's Hangover line and am quite certain its array of products are the sole reason I get compliments on my 'glowing skin,' whenever I'm wearing makeup. The primer ensures a smooth foundation application and keeps your complexion hydrated but not greasy, and the setting spray (my fave) is a great multi-purpose formula that you can use before and after you get ready. I love using it to dampen my Beautyblender in lieu of water—it helps ensure nothing I'm putting on my face disappears or migrates where I don't want it to.” — Erin Jahns 


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"When I was professionally 'Flashed' at the office about a year ago, I couldn't believe how much brighter and more svelte my face looked. Peach fuzz is my arch-nemesis, and this easy-to-use facial device is one of the industry's most in-demand skincare tools right now. In a flash, (sorry, couldn't resist!), it removes the dead skin cells, peach fuzz, and any other kind of debris that prevents the rest of your product regimen from reaching its maximum penetration and efficacy, and it reveals super-smooth, super-bright skin that serves as the ultimate base for makeup.” — Erin Jahns


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"Do I even have to explain this one? To be honest, I don't know a beauty editor who doesn't use one of these infamous sponges to apply their base and/or concealer each morning. No other method of application yields such a dewy or natural-looking result, and I love how easy it is to build your coverage. I use the narrow tip to zero in on my under-eye circles and the reddish areas around my nose, bounce the fuller bottom around my chin and cheekbones where I have some acne scarring, and then use the sides of the blender everywhere else where I only need minimal coverage. These are all application tips I learned from the brand, after last year's foundation launch, so, yes, I now consider myself a full-blown Beautyblender connoisseur.” — Erin Jahns


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"Lately, I've only been able to tolerate tinted balms and glosses. Maybe it's summer? They require so much less maintenance and keep my lips plump, hydrated, and infused with natural-looking color. It doesn't get any more luxe than YSL, and my purse or desktop is never without one of these sleek little bullets. The shades are really, really flattering as well.” — Erin Jahns 


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"Makeup artists use Giorgio Armani's cult-favorite Lip Maestro all the time on the red carpet, and since I don't have the time or patience for lip products that don't stay on or feel drying or claustrophobic on my lips, I use it on the reg too. It yields a plush, velvety soft finish that's matte but not too matte. Your lips still look very much alive and not deadened like so many other matte liquid lipsticks out there.” — Erin Jahns 


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"Drybar is one of those beauty brands that I've been using since college (maybe even high school?) and still can't quit. Even though I'm sent pounds of new hair products on a weekly basis, I still spend my own precious money on Drybar's Detox Dry Shampoo and Triple Sec 3-in-1 formula. (Pro tip: Use Trip Sec on damp roots BEFORE you blow-dry and neither your life nor hair volume will ever be the same.) I just ran out of my stash, but this epic four-piece set is in my cart so I can re-stock immediately.” — Erin Jahns 


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"I rarely buy the same makeup product over and over, preferring instead to test out new brands and formulas, save for this tinted lip balm, which I wear nearly every day and restock religiously. I struggle to find a middle ground between wearing actual lipstick and dabbing on a bit of balm (one can be too much and the other not enough), so I love that this chubby stick adds just the right amount of natural-looking color and is so so hydrating—truly the best everyday lip product I've used." — Anna LaPlaca


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"One of my friends who has worked as a beauty editor for her whole career recommended this straightener as her number one pick. I took her advice and have never looked back. I let my hair air dry and then use this straightener to smooth any frizzies and re-define my waves. The picture above was taken in 90% humidity in Mexico, but I still feel like the straightener made my hair look as polished as possible given the conditions! It heats up in five seconds flat, and I swear there's something about the rounded edges that creates really natural-looking waves, no kinked edges here. This brand very rarely goes on sale, so if you're in the market for a new straightener, I would jump on it." — Kat Collings


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"I practically shout my love of Kopari products from the rooftops, so naturally I'm taking advantage of this Nordstrom deal. Its products smell so unbelievably lovely, one whiff and I swear you'll be a convert too. I recently brought this mini deodorant on a trip to the Mexican jungle, and it served me so well. I'm talking high 80s temps and intense humidity, too. If you're looking to jump on the natural deodorant train, this is a good place to start. I also love the idea of gifting this sweet little set as a birthday present—minis always come in handy for travel." — Kat Collings


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"This bra has officially been adopted into my weekly rotation of favorite bras. It is slightly more padded than I usually like, but I often go for cups that are barely lined. It's just lined enough to stop nipples from making themselves known, and there are definitely some situations where that's preferred. It does have the support of an underwire, so that inherently makes it a little less comfortable than bras without a wire, but I still found it to be very comfortable. The best part to me is the shape and how seamless it looks under a white T-shirt. It molded to my shape completely so I didn't have any gapping, which is something I'm no stranger to in bras. It's definitely now one of my go-to nude bras." — Kat Collings


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"There's a reason everyone in Los Angeles, one of the wellness capitals of the world, is obsessed with Moon Juice products. They're made of high-quality ingredients and simply put, they work. The SuperYou supplements are for stress management, and I keep these at my desk so I can take a couple in the morning. I find my days feel more productive, my mood is more stable (even when I get that urgent email about a fire that needs to be put out), and I'm able to focus better." — Kat Collings


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"I don't get a lot of facials, so I don't feel guilty splurging on Kate Somerville products, especially when they're discounted. I've been using ExfoliKate Exfoliating Treatment one to two times a week for years. I love everything from the refreshing smell to the bright glow that it gives my skin for the rest of the day. I use ExfoliKate Cleanser daily. I have dry skin, but even though it contains AHAs, it never dries out my skin. I highly recommend taking advantage of these Anniversary Sale limited-edition sizes." — Allyson Payer

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