6 Fresh Shoe Trends We're Buying Now (and What We've Stopped Spending On)

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Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

No matter what our weather apps tell us, spring is undoubtedly on our minds and with it, a whole new landscape of fresh new trends to look out for and potentially add to our closets. Although we're wearing our heavy-duty winter shoes on repeat these days, we're taking a moment to look ahead at all the glorious new shoe trends that await us for the rest of the year. I don't know about you, but to me, there's nothing like a fresh shoe trend to beat the winter blues.

To give you the download on the most exciting shoe styles right now (at least in our opinion), I tapped my fellow Who What Wear editors who are always abreast of the latest and greatest to share the trends they're excited to shop for, add to their closets, and wear as soon as the weather permits. And since we're focusing our shopping energy on the below six styles, we thought it would only be right if we also shared the shoe trends we're not spending our money on right now (but aren't completely ditching either).

So without further ado, keep scrolling to read about the new shoe trends we're spending and saving on. 


Buying Now: Simple Sneakers

Stopped Spending On: Chunky sneakers

"I'm moving on from the chunky 'dad' sneakers and leaning into the clean, simple trainers I lived in a few seasons ago to keep my casual fits polished yet cool."

Stopped Spending On: White ankle boots

"I think the white ankle boot trend may have finally run its course, which is fine by me since I only ever bought one pair. The trend I'm excited to wear instead is ankle-tie sandals, which I'm already seeing everywhere. (The best versions also have a square toe.)"

Buying Now: Loafers (Especially With socks)

Stopped Spending On: Clear plastic sandals

"In my opinion, the trend of clear plastic shoe straps is on its way out, though I think it's a trend that always comes back. For spring, I'm really into loafers, especially with an intentional sock."

Buying Now: Chain-Embellished Heels

Stopped Spending On: Sock boots

"I'm pressing pause on sock boots for now (I have several pairs gathering dust in my closet that have hit their expiration date). Instead, I'm opting for shoes with chain and embellished details—a spring 2020 runway trend that's sure to zhuzh up even the simplest of outfits." 

Stopped Spending On: Classic shoes

"Super simple, classic shoes will always have a place in my closet, but right now I'm after pieces that feel more sculptural. Shoes with padding and puffed-up shapes are what I want to get in my closet immediately."

Buying Now: Thong Sandals

Stopped Spending On: Super-strappy sandals

"Summer is undoubtedly on my mind already, and I'm fixated on this new wave of thong sandals that are already hitting the market. Thong sandals 2.0 are defined by streamlined styles that are actually quite wearable despite the trend's intimidation factor. On the flip side, I've stopped adding any more sandals with too many tiny asymmetrical straps to my closet since they tend to be unnecessarily uncomfortable."

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