The 34 Best Things My Mom, Sisters, and I Have Bought From Nordstrom Lately

New Nordstrom Shopping

Curious what a fashion editor, her cool mom, and in-the-know older sisters have bought from Nordstrom in the last, say, six months?  Sure, that exact scenario has probably never crossed your mind but doesn’t sound a least a little bit intriguing? Either way, you’re about to find out because the group chat has already commenced and today, I’m showing you the best of what we’ve got to show for it.

From home finds to beauty favorites to sneakers, shapewear, and more, waiting for you below is a list of thirty-four Nordstrom items backed by at least one but more often several (or all) of us that we just needed you to know about. Consider this the cherry on top of the site’s already-helpful review feature (but with more of a personal twist). And trust me—even I added a few things to my cart after working on this story, so I guarantee you will too. Ready to get started? Simply keep scrolling for our real-life Nordstrom shopping lists.

I don't leave the house without this on.

My personal favorite Agolde cut of the moment is the Lana.

My mom put me onto these smoothing panties and now I'll never wear a dress or skirt without them.

I bought this in a different size for my kitchen island and am always getting complimented on it.

According to my sister, this does wonders in terms of moisturizing.

We're all pajama people, and Eberjey's sets are some of our favorites.

My sister loves the way this goes on. 

I'm actually the only member of my family who doesn't own these (I blame NYC closet space), but I'd be lying if I said they're not in my cart.

It doesn't get cozier than barefoot dreams. Throw in the socks and you're really living.

These are definitely an investment, but if you buy them we can guarantee you'll wear them more than you ever expected.

Of course, we have the short version as well. 

My mom is a big silky robe person and approves of this one, so…

Not all natural deodorants are created equal, so if you're looking to make the switch, start here.

We all own these for anything from vacations to pedicure days.

I exclusively use this eyeliner (in the "Bourbon" shade) and recommend it to everyone I know.

I barely wear makeup while my sister loves it, and we're both obsessed with anything Charlotte Tilbury—so what does that tell you?

My parents and sister upgraded to this kettle and their countertops are all the more beautiful for it. I love it in black, too.

If you don't own these yet, you're missing out.

Our whole family lives in Cotton Citizen sweats and basics.

Personally, I'm too lazy for a lip scrub, but my sister (who is not) swears by this.

If you're a shimmery body-oil person, this is for you.

Another mom-endorsed shapewear find for the win.

Spritz it in the morning or when you need a midday pick-me-up.

This is the first scarf I've owned that I've actually been excited to wear. I love how oversize it is.

I recently started using this famous skin tint, and have made everyone I know follow suit.

Before Hokas were trending on TikTok, they were known for their quality and comfort.

Don't trust us? Let the reviews convince you.