I'm the Pickiest Shopper Ever—This Is What I'd Buy From the Net-a-Porter Sale

Net-a-Porter fashion sale



I don't need to sit here and try to sell you on how exciting a Net-a-Porter sale is. As a Who What Wear reader, I'm sure your feelings are aligned. I will, however, try to briefly convince you that if you're going to listen to one person's advice on what's worth buying from their massive selection, it should probably be mine.

After all, not only am I a shopper by profession and passion, I'm also extremely picky. While the trait is probably annoying for anyone who tries buying me a gift or hitting the stores with me, it's pretty great for you because when I do these stories, I am not messing around. What's crazy is that there are somehow still a whopping 39 items I would seriously buy from the newly launched NAP sale if I could. To see what all of them are and hopefully do a little shopping for yourself along the way, just keep scrolling.

The white smocked dress to beat all other white smocked dresses.

Your white dress outfits will never be the same.

Can you tell yet that I see no issue with wearing black in the summer?

This whole outfit just really makes me want to go on a tropical vacation.

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