The Quickest Way to Shop Vintage (Without Visiting an Op-Shop)

If you're a lover of vintage fashion, shopping for a new (old) piece is about to get a whole lot easier. It can be time-consuming to venture out to the indie suburbs for the cool vintage shops, or trolling through the stock of your local Vinnies. That's not to say online is any easier either, shopping for vintage on Ebay is a serious task. While I've found some of my best pieces through Ebay, it takes patience to know exactly what you're after, and roughly speaking, it's rare to always have a high success rate.

An Instagram account I've been following recently for good vintage pieces is Na Nin Vintage. It's a clothing line based in the US that has a collection of classics pulled from flea markets, thrift stores, and consignments from more than 30 countries. They regularly post on their account images of vintage pieces for sale. Think curated pieces—linens, denim jeans, button-down shirts, silk blouses, light sweaters, and intricate accessories. It's the type of vintage that minimalists would love. 

Keep scrolling to see my favourite picks.

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