10 '90s TV Shows Worth Rewatching for the Clothes

Fanny packs, high-waisted jeans, slip dresses, scrunchies, and oversize blazers galore. The '90s don't feel so far away, as we're always trying to put a modern-day twist on past favorites. Our parents' old photo albums are always a safe bet, but the other place we turn to for endless inspiration is '90s TV shows. Some of the story lines may fall flat now, but the outfits still go just as strong.

No matter your aesthetic—whether you're a Rachel Green, an Elaine Benes, a Lindsay Weir, or a Fran Fine—we've put together the most stylish TV shows of the '90s that perfectly encapsulate the trends of the time that we can't wait to rewatch for some much-needed style inspiration from all the characters.

Let the binge-watching begin!