All the Shoes Carrie Bradshaw Would Wear in 2018

It's no secret that when it comes to fashion, everything always comes back around. Bike shorts? Check. Shell jewelry? Check. Baggy jeans? Check. You get the picture. But what still to this day does surprise me is that Carrie Bradshaw literally wore every cool trend that is resurfacing in 2018. No, but seriously, if I was currently in possession of her wardrobe in Sex and the City, I would be the most stylish lady 2018 had ever seen. While her fanny packs and peddle pushers are not to be ignored, it's her shoe collection that would truly thrive this spring and summer, and we are here to celebrate that.

Ahead, I shopped out all the major shoe trends Carrie Bradshaw effortlessly mastered back in the day. Essentially, if she were to go shopping right now, the below selection is my educated guess on what she would spend all her money on. From clear mules to knee-high boots, get ready to shop the Carrie Bradshaw shoe wardrobe of 2018. Nostalgia is so sweet, isn't it?