NYC vs. L.A.: This Is the #1 Legging Brand in Each City

Photo: Splash News

East Coast or West Coast? Nike or Adidas? When it comes to pairing off the two brands, which city prefers which legging brand? We teamed up with the data specialists at Social Context Labs for this insight. Results show that New Yorkers are team Adidas, and Angelenos lean toward Nike.

The team sourced conversation and social behavior to gather the most popular legging brand in each city, aka the brand legging owners can’t help but tweet, Instagram, or Facebook about to their social following. While there’s no doubt both athletic labels are relevant and popular in both cities, the number one brand ranks differently from coast to coast.

Below, we’re sharing the best leggings from both brands so no matter which city your style vibes with you can snag a fresh pair of leggings.