The 6 Pieces That Are Disarmingly Flattering, From a Stylist


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Building the perfect wardrobe is about finding the pieces that make you feel best, whether it's about the way they fit, or simply how they make you feel when you put them on. But, that being said, style may be personal, but there are certain items that can add a little something to every woman's wardrobe. Not to get all Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but there are pieces of clothing that no matter who may be wearing them, just work.

We tapped celebrity stylist Cher Coulter to share a few of her go-to pieces that anyone and everyone can keep in rotation. These staples may be simple, but Cher notes that they flatter all body types. From a sleek blazer to throw on over your everyday look, to off-duty staples, these styles are the ones to keep in heavy rotation.

Read on to see Coulter's six picks of the ridiculously flattering pieces every woman should own, and then shop each style.