These 10 Fashion Brands Are Perfect for Modest Dressers


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Back when I first started my path to modest dressing, the options weren't as vast as the market you see today. I was constantly taking things to the tailor, buying things a few sizes larger, and leaving shops in the summer frustrated and empty-handed. While there's still more space needed for modest-centered brands, shopping now is a much easier process (even in warmer climates). The latest trends consist of oversized silhouettes or creative layering, and I can take a look through a variety of designers' collections and find multiple looks I can imagine myself wearing.

I'm a market editor, so it's quite literally my job to keep up with what's new on the shopping scene and find the best of the best. If you're a modest dresser and want more brands to add to your radar, the list I've put together has got you covered. 


Founded by U.S. Olympic fencing medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad, Louella is a modest wear brand that creates easy-to-wear pieces that are not only stylish but provide comfort with loose and forgiving silhouettes.

ASOS Design

ASOS Design is a hotspot for clothing that covers at an affordable price point. It even provides a modest-wear category on the site and works with influencers like Shahd Batal to provide a capsule edit that properly suits the taste of modest dressers.


When I imagine my dream wardrobe, Nanushka items are in the mix. (Yes, I'm definitely manifesting this.) Everything the brand releases is always forward and luxe all while combining fun elements like bright colors and unique silhouettes. 


If you're looking to upgrade your casualwear, Madewell is the place to be. Madewell meets the line of trends and basics with pieces you can wear every day but will never get bored of.

Lyra Swim

While it's easy to find a bikini almost anywhere, that's not exactly the case for modest swimwear. In comes Lyra Swim, a brand that has got you covered (literally) when it comes to swimsuits or apparel needed for the beach. 

Uniqlo x Hana Tajima

Hana Tajima is a UK-born modest designer and has been working with Uniqlo to release a collection every season. Her pieces are always filled with comfortable and breezy items that come in elevated neutrals like cream, rust, and sage green. The collection also often works with Airism, Uniqlo's innovative fabrics that have the technology to wick moisture and release heat, which is perfect for those who have to cover up in the warmer months. 


Rixo designs special dresses that will never fail to bring you joy. (Just looking at them brings a smile to my face.) The brand has a variety of cuts that are perfect for modest dressing, all while mixing in pops of prints and colors that you won't stop cherishing anytime soon. 

Vela Scarves

L.A.-based designer Marwa Atik saw a gap in the fashion industry for hijabs that were comfortable and elevated, so she decided to fill it on her own terms. Vela Scarves not only creates the best scarves I've ever worn but also constantly pushes the boundaries with products that help modest dressers, like a hoop to style their scarves and matte magnets to hold your scarf in place. 


Ganni is one of the brands that has constantly inspired me to be more creative with my layering, which, as a modest dresser, is something I rely on heavily. From its widely loved prints to its trend-forward details, Ganni reminds me that I don't have to sacrifice my maximalist style if I want to dress modestly.

The Frankie Shop

Consisting of a neutral color palette and minimal design, Frankie Shop makes investment-worthy wardrobe staples that you'll no doubt keep in your closet for years. 

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