I'm a Modest Dresser, Here Are The Trends I'll Actually Be Wearing This Year

As a modest dresser, there were a number of hoops I had to jump through to be able to dress how I wanted to while growing up. Stores didn't offer the more relaxed silhouettes you see on their sites today, and without the high presence of social media like there is now, there was less awareness of smaller brands that were actually selling those kinds of clothing. Luckily today it's quite a different story. While there still is plenty more to be done, there's now a variety of trends that are coming down the runway that fit perfectly into my lifestyle, and you see more and more modest fashion folk being included in campaigns, shows, and the style scene in general. 

Although I love trends as much as the next person, I'm still a firm believer that despite the desire to hold onto anything fashion puts out, I will always prioritize choosing things to wear that keep me comfortable and will decide for myself what I want to wear, rather than trying to fit myself into every trend on the market. So instead of trying to follow every one, I picked through and found 8 that were my favorites and aligned most with how I feel comfortable dressing. If you're a modest dresser, or simply want to incorporate the style into more of your outfits, then you've come to the right place. From voluminous dresses to knit sets, I found myself saving tons of runway images to take outfit inspiration from this season.

Basic Maxis

Out of all the trends, this just might be my favorite and the most versatile. I own two and as of now, I've already worn both more than twice. You can wear them as is or pair them with a vest or jacket. 

Sportsmax S/S 2021


Courtesy of Sportsmax

Pant Layering

I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant to like this at first but I've slowly become a fan. In traditional Pakistani attire, it's common to layer long shirts/dresses with pants, so I don't see why I can't trickle the style into my everyday wardrobe as well. 

Baum Und Pferdgarten S/S 2021:


On the fashion set:




While sheer and cutout dresses took reign of the runways, what caught my eye this season was the extra volume added in dresses and skirts. It takes a simple piece to the next level and is great for those who want to stray from form-fitting pieces. 

Cecilie Bahnsen S/S 2021:
On the fashion set:



On the

Baggy Jeans

While I've always opted for more of a wide-leg fit on jeans, it wasn't till recently where I took the plunge into oversized baggy styles. I'm not sure why it took me so long because they're incredibly comfortable and I'm not sure If I'll go back to anything tighter. 

Chanel S/S 2021:
On the fashion set:




Hooded sweatshirts will always be in style, no doubt—but there's been a recent surge in taking the comfy item and elevating it with the styling whether it's over dresses or with sophisticated trousers and blazers. 

Prada S/S 2021:
On the fashion set:



Wrap Skirts

Summer of last year may have been a top moment for wrap dresses, but I'm excited to see more of wrap skirts trickle into the fashion scene. I still love the dresses, but I think the skirts provide additional options with layering and styling. 

Knit Sets

With 2020 consisting of more people turning to comfort in their clothing, I'm not surprised that knit sets will be heading into this year as well. Who wouldn't want to keep these on? They make it easy to put together an outfit with minimal effort required. 

Nanushka S/S 2021:


Courtesy of Nanushka
On the fashion set:



Relaxed Trousers

When I used to think of trousers, I used to think of typical office attire that I didn't find myself resonating with. What I didn't realize is that you can pair relaxed trousers with anything—even a graphic shirt or hoodie and it creates the perfect high-low ensemble. 

Louis Vuitton S/S 2021:


Getty Images
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