The 13 Spring Items Your Minimalist Wardrobe Needs

Believe it or not, it’s actually quite simple to ease yourself into what a minimalist wardrobe without completely sacrificing the latest ideas designers are dreaming up. Yep, it may sound like an oxymoron, but classic trendy items are quickly becoming a thing. Think of them as timeless silhouettes with a trendy twist. These items won’t feel obsolete within a few months. We’re talking about boxy shirt jackets made with buttery leather, good-quality heeled loafers that are appropriate for brunch and the workplace, and thick gold hoops that are a worthy investment. See the only 13 pieces you need to build out the ideal spring minimalist wardrobe ahead.

Denim Midi Skirts

If you’re in need of a skirt option that will pair well with just about anything, may we direct you to the long denim skirt? The modern-day revival comes in a midi cut that’s less “high-school art teacher” and more editorial-esque. Feel free to dress it up with a pair of "floss" heels and a cropped sweater or down with a boxy tee and a pair of chunky sneakers.

Strappy "Floss" Heels

Speaking of floss heels, meet the only shoe style you’ll need all season. The strappy, naked shoes are barely visible, meaning you’ll never have to stress over whether or not they clash with the rest of your look.

Longline Blazers

Blazers have slowly become the perfect transitional piece. Why fuss over the possibility that your practical lightweight jacket may feel out of place with the rest of your ensemble? The blazer has proven to pair well with just about anything—yes, even denim cutoffs—and gives your look a more put-together air, even if you just threw on the first few things you could find. 

Structured Accordion Crossbodys

A true minimalist knows to steer clear of the unceasing itsy bitsy mini-bag trend. Luckily, there’s a convenient shoulder bag that’s as slim as its mini-bag counterpart while still offering you plenty of storage space: the accordion crossbody. You likely had one in college, but its 2020 successor is more structured, keeping it from feeling obsolete.

Leather Shackets

While we’re having a love affair with shacketsin general, it’s a leather iteration that’s a spring must-have. Consider it an easy way to look a little more put-together when all you have the energy for is a jeans-and-top combo.

Slim-Fit Cardigan

It’s all about the slim-fit cardigan right now. It’s cute, and not just in a granny way. With its open button front, it’s—dare we say it—kind of sexy.

Heeled Loafers

Do not sleep on the loafer trend this season. I repeat, do not sleep on it. If the S/S 20 runways taught us anything, it’s that heeled loafers are the new style chameleon. They pair well with preppy items like high white socks and midi skirts.

High-Rise Relaxed Jeans

As someone who loves high-waisted, wide-leg trousers, it should come as no surprise that I’m a big champion of its denim counterpart. 

Belted Utility Jackets

If you’re into the idea of a leather shacket but not quite willing to commit to making the texture work with your minimal wardrobe, consider the belted denim or cargo jacket. It delivers the same effect while allowing you more flexibility with items you can style it with in your day to day.

Mid-Length Gold Chain Necklaces

I can wax poetic about the gold chain necklace. If there’s one jewelry purchase you make this year, let it be this. Pair it over your turtlenecks, over your tank tops, tucked under a cardigan, with your plunging midi dress neckline, with your bikinis, or with nothing at all! It has the power to add the right finish to any look no matter how you wear it.

Lace-Up Oxfords

Katie Holmes once wore lace-up oxfords, so we wore lace-up oxfords. In all seriousness, stash your ballet flats because this is the new comfortable staple you should be adding to your clothing lineup.

Culotte Shorts

I’m prepared to receive some flack for throwing these “trendy” bottoms in here, but I’m a firm believer that these are a staple short for anyone who’s anti-cutoffs. Plus, we’re pretty sure they’re mostly HR-approved, and who doesn’t love a pair of shorts you can wear to work?

Thick Hoop Earrings

A jewelry investment you can wear for years to come. Gold hoops will never go out of style, but these hammered out hoops add a little flair to your otherwise standard sets of earrings.

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