7 Gorgeous Jewelry Trends Maximalists Will Love

When it comes to buying jewelry, there are often two types of shoppers: The first focuses on the investment they're making and how much everyday wear they can get from it in order to justify their spending. The second sees jewelry as an additional accessory to complement their personal style, one that makes a bigger statement than a dainty stacking ring ever could.

While neither approach is wrong, there's sometimes more fun to be had in the second camp. Like anything else in the fashion world, jewelry goes through trend turnovers with each passing season, and the ones were getting this time around are a maximalist's dream. Rainbow bright colors, '70s-inspired fringe earrings, the new gold necklace style you'll soon be seeing all over your social feeds… spring's 2020 jewelry trends are out to play. If you're ready for something a step above your layered initial pendants, then keep scrolling to shop the seven bold and bright trends that will be catching everyone's attention this year.

Feeling Fringey

Rainbow Affair

Thick Hoops

Down By the Seashore

Pearly Baubles

All Linked Up

Chain, Chain, Chain

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