7 Gorgeous Jewelry Trends Maximalists Will Love

When it comes to buying jewelry, there are often two types of shoppers: The first focuses on the investment they're making and how much everyday wear they can get from it in order to justify their spending. The second sees jewelry as an additional accessory to complement their personal style, one that makes a bigger statement than a dainty stacking ring ever could.

While neither approach is wrong, there's sometimes more fun to be had in the second camp. Like anything else in the fashion world, jewelry goes through trend turnovers with each passing season, and the ones were getting this time around are a maximalist's dream. Rainbow bright colors, '70s-inspired fringe earrings, the new gold necklace style you'll soon be seeing all over your social feeds… spring's 2020 jewelry trends are out to play. If you're ready for something a step above your layered initial pendants, then keep scrolling to shop the seven bold and bright trends that will be catching everyone's attention this year.

Feeling Fringey

Susan Alexandra has an innate talent for crafting things that both my grade-school summer-camp self and modern-day self squeal over.

I feel like wearing this particular pair of retro-inspired fringe earrings would turn me into someone who uses the phrase "We should go out to the discotheque" as opposed to "Let's hit up the club." I'm fully ready to embrace a '70s version of me.

For those who ascribe to an edgier sense of style, fringe earrings even come in metal links.

I never want the acceptance of gaudy costume-jewelry designs to end.

Rainbow Affair

If only our grade-school friendship bracelets had looked this good.

Expect this season to be full of mismatched-stone designs that display a full spectrum of colors.

Who wouldn't want to wear a bit of rainbow each day? 

The more rainbow layers, the merrier.

Thick Hoops

We're leaving tube hoops behind and picking up thick, hammered-down iterations in 2020.

Try to break out of your normal silver-and-gold routine with an eco-friendly PLA pair.

If you're really trying to find a pair that you know will stand the test of time, then classic metals are always a smart bet.

Down By the Seashore

This season's approach to shells focuses less on the cute cowrie-sized ones and more on big, bold, and conical versions.

It's like a beach vacation for your ears.

This gold plated bracelet makes it so the shells are just a subtle addition to an otherwise standard link bracelet. 

Pearly Baubles

While pearl earrings and necklaces aren't going anywhere anytime soon, it's about time your bracelets got in on the action. 

The pearl bauble bracelet puts a timeless twist on the playful and stackable style.

If straight-forward pearls feel a little too dressed up for you, you can find designs that give off a similar effect in glass or mother of pearl materials.

All Linked Up

Dainty, thin-chained pieces are being pushed aside in favor of thick, chain-link detailing.

Wear this and just wait for the compliments to roll in.

Chain, Chain, Chain

Following the trend before it, the gold chain necklace is about to be the sole thing you see on your Instagram feed for the rest of the year.

The perfect chain necklace is neither too chunky or choker-like. It should sit right at or above your collarbone without making your neck feel weighed down.

Editorial pro styling tip: Layer your mid-length chain necklace over your turtleneck sweater.

All hail the OG queen of chain-link jewelry, Laura Lombardi.

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