According to NYC Fashion Girls, These Are the Only Spring Trends That Matter

You don't have to live anywhere near New York to know that the girls in the area have serious style, even if the fashionable outfit in question is just for a quick trip to the bodega down the street. We always highlight cool things NYC girls are wearing, so we decided to take it a step further this time and showcase the spring trends they're gravitating towards, all based on what I'm seeing on their Instagram.

As expected, the pieces listed below are a lot of things and boring isn't one of them. Think maximal prints, fun colors, and unique silhouettes that you'll want to add to your wardrobe this season even if you aren't from the Big Apple. Keep scrolling to see the spring trends that are being worn by New York fashion girls IRL and shop them too.

Second-Skin Tops

We saw them all over the runway and have yet to stop seeing them on the fashion set's Instagram feeds. Channel your inner maximalist with one with a fun print to spruce up your look.

Pops of Pink

While all things colorful are trending, pink is the it-color of the year, no doubt. The most popular shade seen on the fashion set is Bubblegum, but anything goes.

Vintage Florals

Vintage florals reached new heights in the Cottagecore boom of summer 2020 and it seems like they're here for spring, too. If it looks like it could be worn by a grandma, then it's on trend.



Matching Sets

Whether it's a dressed-up set or a comfy loungewear option, matching sets aren't going anywhere. Comfort is still key, after all.


Are you getting tired of us mentioning corsets here at WWW yet? I hope not, because this is just the beginning. Whether you layer it over a dress or wear it as is, it's a spring trend to keep on your radar.





Colorful Jewelry

If it looks like something Lizzie McGuire would wear, then you've got it right. Have a DIY night and make jewelry with friends, or shop the options below. 




There were a lot of risqué trends seen come down the spring runways, but it's the cutouts that fashion girls are translating into their elevated ensembles.