These Pretty Ankle Boots Sold Out in 2 Days

As fashion editors, we encounter a lot of covetable ankle boots on a daily basis, especially this time of year. And in all honesty, it's rare for a particular pair to stand out from the pack. But last week, one pair in particular not only stood out—they jumped out. 

Every Monday, M.Gemi releases several gorgeous new styles of their Italian-made shoes, and for last week's drop, a pretty pair of velvet ankle boots (coined The Calzino) immediately caught our eye. Aside from being constructed of soft-crushed velvet, the boots featured two more very-2017 trends: a sock-like fit and kitten heels.

We weren't the only ones that were enamored with them. We noticed that many sizes were quickly selling out, so we reached out to M.Gemi to see what the deal was with the popularity of its pretty new boots. The brand told us that the boots had sold out in just two days, but it was quick to respond to the demand. After the launch of another popular ankle boot a few weeks earlier, M.Gemi saw how quickly that style sold out and immediately placed a reorder for the Calzino, "knowing that clients would likely respond well to this equally bold style."  Since last week, the brand has started restocking the boots in small quantities in all three gorgeous colors, so if your size is sold out, join the wait list and you might get lucky. 

Shop M.Gemi's pretty (and very popular) new ankle boots below!