This £120 Meghan Markle–Approved Accessory Is Finally Back in Stock

It is finally sunglasses weather, and the most in-demand frames are back just in time for our long weekend. When Meghan Markle wore the £120 tortoiseshell Percy sunglasses by London-based eyewear brand Finlay to the Inviticus Games in September, they sold out in record speed. At the time, Finlay reported a 1000% increase in sales and revealed it made £20,000 overnight following the Meghan sighting. The brand revealed that it has sold thousands of pairs, which we think makes them the most sought-after sunglasses to date. Six months later, these sunglasses are finally available to buy, and given the affordable price tag, we imagine they won't be in stock for long. You can also personalise your sunglasses for an extra £40; Meghan has her initials "MM" on the arm of her sunnies. Keep scrolling to see—and shop—Meghan's sunglasses. 


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On Meghan Markle: Finlay Percy Sunglasses (£120)


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