Meghan Markle Used to Have a Side Gig as a Fashion Expert—See the Videos



You're probably aware that Meghan Markle was an American actress before entering the British royal family. You may also know that she ran a lifestyle site called The Tig (now shuttered, sadly). And you may even knot that she's long been a humanitarian and activist for women's rights. But did you know she also moonlit as a fashion expert?

A few years ago, in her limited free time, Markle was a frequent guest on NBC's The Today Show (the sister network to USA, where her series Suits aired). There, she spent lengthy segments discussing the latest trends of the given season with much confidence on the subject and a penchant for using phrases like "pepper into your wardrobe." This discovery led me to find a plethora of other old videos on YouTube featuring the current duchess discussing fashion and her personal style at length.

So how did Markle come about this seemingly random side gig? In an interview during fashion with Joe Zee and Kristin Cavallari (below), Markle mentioned that The Tig covered fashion week, which was one of the reasons she was attending, and it was mentioned in most of her other appearances that The Tig was also a fashion site.

In case you all find this as fascinating as I do, below you'll find the proof of Markle's fashion expertise and tons of first-person musings about her own style. Scroll on to watch them all or just to read the cliffs notes that I diligently pulled from them post–Meghan Markle YouTube rabbit hole. (You're welcome.)