It's Not Just Gen Z: Megan Fox Wore the Platform Boots That Every TikToker Owns


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Apart from maybe colorful blanket scarves and faux-leather blazers, there's no fashion item more frequently spotted on my TikTok feed than platform Dr. Martens—specifically the brand's Jadon boots, which have been worn by Gen Z stars like Olivia Rodrigo, Addison Rae, and Emma Chamberlain. If you're on the app, you've almost certainly seen them, but I'll paint a picture anyway. They're big and have a hefty platform sole that lifts the wearer up roughly three inches into the air, and they feature the shoe brand's signature lace-up closure. In other words, they're ridiculously cool—an obvious choice for Gen Z's favorite shoes. 

The style's most recent wearer, though, is proving that the Jadon isn't just a go-to for Gen Zers. This weekend, Megan Fox was spotted in Las Vegas with fiancé Machine Gun Kelly wearing a pair of her own that was tied up with gold laces that matched her BY FAR mini bag. (Nice.) There for the 2022 NHL All-Star Game, Fox wore the combo with camel-colored pants, a white tank top, and a black coat. 

With Fox now wearing the style, it won't be long before everyone else—on and off TikTok—does, too. Shop the $200 boots while they're still in stock below.


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On Megan Fox: Dr. Martens Jadon Boot ($200); BY FAR Small Cush Grain Leather Top Handle Bag ($540)

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