Elle Fanning Wore the Mask Accessory That Will Make Your Life Easier

Earlier this year, when wearing a mask became a new necessity in this country, the predicament I most often faced when wearing one was what to do with it when I took it off when running errands and whatnot. A few months later, I discovered a solution, and I see that Elle Fanning has too.

While out shopping in Los Angeles a few days ago, Fanning wore a comfortable outfit consisting of a T-shirt, tie-dye slip skirt, white sneakers, and of course, a face mask. Attached to the mask was a pretty mask chain adorned with pearls, which is the handy item I never leave the house without since mask-wearing became a thing.

Many brands have discovered the popularity of mask chains in recent months, so finding one is far from difficult (and you can always just repurpose an eyeglass chain). And since most are made of metal chains, pearls, or beads, they look like a piece of jewelry. Even paper medical masks look pretty when attached to a chain. 

Keep scrolling to get inspired by Elle Fanning and shop 17 pretty mask chains for yourself.

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