These Under-$20 Granny Chains Instantly Upgrade Any Quarantine 'Fit

Chalk one up for nonna! Yes, it's true: Elder matriarchs around the world have inspired the latest in quarantine fashion with the granny-chain mask hack.

But we'd be remiss not to tip our hat to wardrobe expert Allison Freer, who came up with this clever solution for having your mask on hand at all times. Freer told The Strategist that after seeing the classic retro granny chain repurposed in an Instagram post by jewelry brand Éliou, she had to have one. "It's turned out to be the single best purchase I've made in months." We spotted a similar post by our friends at Donni and began to take note. 

So admittedly, while grandma herself didn't exactly start this new trend, she's certainly perfected the style over the years with an assortment of decorative eyeglasses chains.

Taking inspiration from the previously mentioned sources, we thought we'd put this hack to the test. No matter what type of mask you're wearing, it's possible to find a chain that not only compliments your style but also is effective at keeping your mask easily accessible. Freer notes, "It's a nice alternative to storing your mask under your chin, which many people seem to be doing; I can't say for sure that wearing it on a chain keeps it cleaner, but it does keep the elastic from getting stretched out." 

Ready to add a granny chain to your rotation of quarantine ensembles? Keep scrolling for our favorite finds under $20—and don't forget to wash your hands



Metal Styles

Can't go wrong with a classic chain-link style. 

Buy this pack and share two with friends.

Perhaps for a more formal masked occasion. 

This version is giving us big retro belt vibes. 



Beaded Styles

Perfect to wear while social distancing in the park. 

We'd wear these to a masked graduation ceremony.

You could probably DIY this version with classic seed beads a la summer camp.

Black and gold won't do you wrong.

Perfect for anyone who sticks to wearing white only between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

Fiddle with these fun square beads instead of constantly adjusting your mask. 

For those among us who insist on wearing head-to-toe black year-round, even in the summer. 

And, of course, hot pink to embrace that bright summer feeling.