How This New Zealand Lingerie Label is Supporting Women

New Zealand's Lonely Lingerie label was born when designer Helene Morris was unable to find what she was looking for. In an interview with Vogue UK she says, "There was no lingerie label that spoke to us and our customer—we didn't want push-ups or linings so our starting point was soft-cups. Sometimes knowing what you don't want makes it really clear what you do."

The brand is continuing to make waves with its Lonely Girls project, a social media campaign that started a few months ago, and allows its social followers to share photos of themselves with the hashtag #LonelyGirlsProject.

With imagery being a focus for the fashion-forward brand, it would come as no surprise that its always on a mission to push boundaries. In a new campaign, shot by Petra Collins, you see women of all shapes and sizes—stretchmarks and all. To see the images, head to Vogue UK and read the full interview.

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