I Have a Solid Collection of Lingerie—These 6 Brands Are My Go-To's


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I love lingerie. I always have, as there's something about it that's just so pretty and fun to collect. Lingerie makes people feel confident and powerful. Even though it’s something you wear under your clothes, it’s like a secret weapon you have in your arsenal to help make you feel sexier and more confident. And who doesn’t want to feel that? From slip dresses to bra-and-panty sets to bodysuits you can pair with a jacket or mesh top for a night-out look, if it’s great lingerie, I’m into it. The thing about lingerie is there are a lot of brands out there and sifting through which ones are actually worth the hype and which ones are just clogging up your instagram feed but fall apart after one use.

I’m a quality-over-quantity type of person, and as a lingerie lover, I’ve tried so many different brands from more affordable, everyday brands to brands that specialize in luxury lingerie. I’d never gatekeep the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years, so I’ve listed six lingerie brands that I have in my collection and are by far my favorite. And trust me, I don’t play around when it comes to lingerie.

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1. Bluebella

One of the things I love about Bluebella is that this London-based lingerie company is female-owned and cares a lot about size and gender inclusivity when making its lingerie. An area where many other brands could take note. I had the luxury of meeting with the CEO and founder of Bluebella, Emily Bendell, who told me her love of lingerie inspired her to make a line that was all about empowering women and making lingerie that they can wear every day and on special occasions. Another thing I love about Bluebella is that it's retailed at multiple retailers (I get mine from Nordstrom) and the brand has so many different colors and styles that there's no way you won't find something you love. The pieces are also at a really great price point, so that's a double win. I have basically all of its black sets, so it's safe to say I'm a fan. 

2. La Perla

When you think of luxury French lingerie, you think La Perla. There's something so classic about this brand and every time you open a La Perla box that’s just so exciting. This lingerie is what I would buy when I’m ready to make a bit of an investment in my lingerie, and while they are a little bit on the pricey side, once you try on your first set you’ll know why. Pro tip: Get your La Perla when Saks Fifth Avenue is having one of its sales. Trust me—it’s the best way to get luxe lingerie at a discount. If you’re looking for honeymoon lingerie, look no further than La Perla.

3. Agent Provocateur

Think of Agent Provocateur as La Perla’s slightly more promiscuous older sister. This lingerie brand is also a classic, and any lingerie lover out there has an Agent provocateur set or two in their collection. It’s sexy but luxurious, and when you put it on you feel like you can do anything (which you totally can). If there’s any brand of lingerie I would want to receive as a gift, it's this one. Wink, wink.

4. Gooseberry Intimates

This Bali-based lingerie label is all about affordable yet high-quality sets, pajamas, and swimsuits. I personally love how it has so many cute lingerie add-ons like lace shorts and great garter belts. Another thing I love about Gooseberry Intimates is that it has so many great bodysuits you can throw on with a jacket or a blazer for a lingerie-as-outerwear look.

5. Savage X Fenty

I’ll admit it: I’ll buy just about anything that Rhianna puts out there. I just trust her implicitly and don't think she would steer me wrong, and when it comes to her lingerie line Savage X Fenty, she definitely hasn't. Her lingerie brand is all about owning your self-confidence with an emphasis on inclusivity. Savage X Fenty embodies everything I conveyed when I say why I fell in love with lingerie, and you can tell this lingerie is designed to be used as a secret weapon. And guess what? You can buy it on Amazon. 

6. Intimissimi

Intimissimi is an Italian lingerie brand and I honestly can’t get enough of it. I have multiple of its slip pajamas and sleeping in them feels like a dream. For me, this is my number one when it comes to everyday lingerie and sleepwear and the options are so good I could shop the brand's site for hours.

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