The Best Maternity Bras to Get You Through Your Pregnancy (and After)

If you’re pregnant and asking yourself if you need to buy a new bra, the answer is likely yes. I am currently six months along and have transitioned from a B-cup to a D-cup in the blink of an eye. Breasts increase in size pretty early during pregnancy (around six to eight weeks), and many will find they outgrow their bras rather quickly. The hormonal shifts, weight gain, and expanding rib cage associated with pregnancy will contribute to this growth, as will mammary glands preparing to make milk later in pregnancy.

I was tempted to squeeze into my regular bras for as long as possible, but I quickly realized how uncomfortable my lacy pre-pregnancy bras were becoming, and they simply couldn’t support my heavy (and itchy) breasts. Time for an upgrade. There are a few options as you’re growing. One, buy a larger size of your normal pre-pregnancy bra. Two, switch to a maternity bra. Three, if you’re somewhere in the middle of your third trimester, buy a nursing bra. Many, like me, prefer a combination of two or all three.

Best maternity bras



So how are maternity and nursing bras different from regular bras? Think of a maternity bra as an improved version of a regular bra, designed specifically for comfort as your breasts grow during pregnancy. Some features include a soft cotton lining, wider straps, extra latches on the band, etc., and they tend not to be underwired. Many regular bras offer these features, too, which will work just fine during pregnancy.

Nursing bras differ in one way from maternity bras: They feature clasps on the straps that allow for easy breastfeeding access. If you buy a nursing bra to wear during pregnancy, make sure there is enough room for you to grow, as your breasts tend to go up another cup size or more after your baby arrives. Many of the bras available are maternity/nursing hybrids, which provide support throughout pregnancy and after.

Officially ready for a new bra? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite maternity and nursing bras that will get you through and beyond your pregnancy. And remember: If it feels tight, then it isn’t right. Find your correct size by getting measured at the lingerie department, or do it yourself.

1. Motherhood Maternity Average Busted Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra

With its soft fabric and seamless design, this bra is a customer favorite for during pregnancy and after.

2. Lindex Mom 2 Pack Organic Cotton Nursing Sleep Bra

Smooth, stretchy fabric and non-padded cups make this ultra-comfortable throughout the day and night.

3. Natori Bliss Perfection Racerback Bralette

Designed to move with you through pregnancy and beyond, this minimalistic bra features stretchy, nursing-friendly surplice cups.

4. Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra

This silky-soft, stretchy bra is supportive enough for day wear and comfortable enough to sleep in. 

5. Natori Private Luxuries Strapless Maternity Bra in Black

If you’re looking for a comfortable strapless bra throughout your pregnancy, then look no further.

6. Bravado Designs Comfy Cotton Maternity Bra and Nursing Bra

Made of a cotton-modal blend, this soft and breathable bra is designed for comfort and support throughout pregnancy or as a daily nursing bra or cozy sleep bra.

7. Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Lightly Lined Triangle Bralette

Although this is technically not a maternity or nursing bra, I’ve found it extremely comfortable and supportive through my first six months of pregnancy.

8. Bravado Designs Invisible Nursing Bra

A good choice when you’re exercising, this wire-free maternity/nursing bra with removable foam cups accommodates your changing figure.

9. Paramour Ethal Contour Nursing Bra

Pretty and comfortable. The wide back enhances support.

10. Le Mystère Sexy Mama Underwire Nursing Bra

You’d never be able to tell this is a nursing bra. Gorgeous lace adds romance while clips are easily unfastened for breastfeeding.

11. Cosabella Never Say Never Mommie Nursing Soft Bra

Your beautiful bralette just got an upgrade. This meets all the specific needs of a nursing mother. Plus, it’s so pretty.

12. Chantelle Intimates Nursing Bra

Lightweight and easy to maneuver, Chantelle’s nursing bra fits best three weeks before your due date or later.

13. Cake Maternity Rock Candy Wireless Nursing Bra

Your everyday bra, found. Available in black and beige, this maternity and nursing bra is designed for maximum support.

14. H&M Mama 2-Pack Sleep Nursing Bras

I already wear these under my casual tees for support and comfort.

15. Cosabella Talco Maternity Nursing Bra

Customers love this bra for its ultra-soft-feeling fabric and comfort.

16. Larken The Larken X

Designed for an easier, more comfortable way to nurse and pump hands-free, the super-comfortable Larken X bra has no elastic, snaps, zippers, or awkwardly placed holes. It’s perfect at any stage, especially against sensitive skin during the first few months with baby. I personally love this one because it’s super soft and wire-free and gives relaxed support without being restrictive.

17. Pact Maternity Nursing Bralette

Made with organic cotton, this soft, naturally breathable bralette has light support and stretches for easy movement and recovery. The crossover silhouette is perfect for nursing. It’s made to be worn during pregnancy and beyond.

18. Motherhood Wrap Maternity and Nursing Sleep Cotton Bra

With rave reviews, this super-comfortable sleep bra made from cozy cotton and stretchy spandex lasts from the first trimester to new motherhood and features easy pullover breastfeeding or pumping access. 

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