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Are you tired of the stress that comes along with finding a new bra? Honestly same. It can be an intimidating experience when sizing between brands often varies or support isn't guaranteed. I'm a big online shopper, and while I used to make an exception for bra shopping, I don't anymore. While trying on bras online isn't possible, reading reviews has become my secret weapon and a great way to gauge a bra's fit, comfort, support, and style.

I spent hours researching the most popular bra brands on the market and even trying some of them myself so I can report back and let you know what brands are actually worth buying into. From comfort to fit to style, there is a brand that can cater to every need, and I'm here to tell you which one is right for you. After all, we tend to wear the same few bras every day, so they should be the best.

Discover the brands people are raving about and elevate your lingerie drawer with these must-have brands.

1. Wacoal

I recently became familiar with Wacoal and immediately stocked up on its bras. The superior craftsmanship makes its pieces stand out from the rest of my collection. It feels like they are designed with a bigger bust in mind. The fit is absolute perfection, and support is a priority in every single one of their styles, so I know I'm in good hands when I spend a day in a Wacoal bra.

2. ThirdLove

When I think of ThirdLove, I think of the incredibly comforting ad campaigns that made this brand famous. Women being themselves with no Photoshop or BS, that's the kind of marketing I like to see. This lingerie brand utilizes data and technology to create bras that fit well and feel comfortable. One of my favorite minuscule details about the brand is that they offer half-cup sizes for people like me who have a hard time finding the right fit. I also love when I find a brand that offers a wide range of nude shades to match different skin tones. It's like the Fenty Beauty of lingerie.

3. Warners

Warners has been around since 1874, so they know how to make a good bra. One of my favorite things about this brand is that they know how to cater to all body types, and the bras come at a great price point. I'm on a hunt for the "no bra feeling" while wearing an underwire style, and Warners is one of the few brands that gives that to me. The brand's number one priority is comfort, and that shines through in the feeling I get when I put one of their bras on.

4. Chantelle

When it comes to lingerie, the French know how to do it. Chantelle is the French lingerie brand you need to know. The brand is known for its innovative designs and high-quality materials, which result in comfortable and supportive lingerie that is so dang flattering. Whenever I am looking for a bra on Nordstrom, Chantelle pops up high on the list thanks to the excellent reviews their products get.

5. Cuup

CUUP is a lingerie brand that has created the capsule wardrobe version of your lingerie collection. Its bras are comfortable, supportive, and flattering. Plus, they now have bikinis that deliver the same effect. The brand uses minimalist designs to draw in the fashion crowd, and we aren't going anywhere. This is another brand that offers half-cup sizes, so the opportunities for finding the right fit are endless.

6. Natori

Natori is a luxury lingerie brand you should never overlook. It's been difficult for me to find a supportive bra that also feels like sophisticated lingerie, but that all changed when I was introduced to this brand. Founded by Josie Natori, the brand draws inspiration from her Filipino heritage and blends Eastern and Western design elements to create unique and stylish pieces. I'm only allowed to talk about bras in this article, but just wait until you see their sleepwear.

7. Intimissimi

Imagine rolling out of bed in the morning and opening your blinds to a view of the Italian countryside. That's the vibe that Intimissimi gives off as an Italian lingerie brand that offers affordable and stylish pieces. I have a bra from Intimissimi that I simply can't take off because the fit is so good. While I love my basics from them, I can't get over the Jennifer Lopez campaign and all the pretty details in the lingerie she wears for it.

8. Skims

Most people know Skims as the shapewear empire founded by none other than Kim Kardashian, but once you've tried the products, you'll realize the quality requires no celebrity name. Every product from Skims uses soft and stretchy fabrics that provide support and shaping while still allowing for comfortable movement, which makes their bras high up on my list of favorites.

9. Lively 

A day that starts with me putting on a Lively bralette will be a good one. This brand's focus is on creating lingerie that can be worn all day, using soft fabrics and materials that offer a gentle touch against the skin. From basic bras to the more fashion-forward, Lively offers a range of styles that cater to different tastes and preferences.

10. True & Co

With True & Co, I guarantee you'll find the right fit. They offer a "Fit Quiz" on their site that takes into consideration the fact we all have individual preferences and body measurements, meaning we might want different sizing. I consider this brand the pajamas of bra companies because their styles are seriously so comfortable.

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