The Best Backless Bras to Pair With All Your Tricky Tops and Dresses

Getting dressed up for a night out can be exciting. It can also present some challenges. For me, one of those challenges was finding the right bra to wear with a low-back top or dress. I have a bigger bust, so as someone who prefers not to go braless, I have struggled to find a backless bra that provides support and coverage without peeking out from under my outfit. After extensive research, I found multiple solutions I now rave about to my friends.

What makes this process fun is that there are so many backless bras to pick from, ranging from pasty-like options to bustier-style bra tops with low straps. Depending on your needs, each style offers a different level of support and coverage, making it essential to have several options on hand. For those who need coverage and support, I have compiled a list of the best backless bras on the internet so you can enjoy the party and not worry about the lack of support.

Best overall backless bra:

A reusable and washable adhesive silicone bra that gives you strapless, backless, wireless, washable, and flexible support. But my favorite part is the instant lift. You'll catfish everyone into thinking you're wearing a bra without the pesky straps. This customer review says it all.

"I was a bit skeptical when I purchased this bra as other stick-on bras haven't stuck before and/or are very visible underneath clothing. But let me tell you, this bra and nipple covers are magical! They are completely invisible under clothing and truly stick on great! During vacation, I used both the bra and the nipple covers depending on the outfit. They both worked great, stuck on, and didn't lose their suction. I think they will be great for about one summer with multiple uses. On the trip, I used the bra three times and the nipple coverings about three times, they still stick plenty, and I will continue them throughout the summer." — Customer Review

Shop more backless bras:

"I love this for all my spaghetti strap, strapless, backless, and off-the-shoulder looks. It provides lift and body and stays in place. You can angle the cups so that the clip is lower to wear with low-cut tops, too. It takes a little figuring out because each cup needs to be stuck at the same spot/angle, or you'll look very crooked once it's clipped. Sizing tip: I'm a 32C and was told to buy the B cup for that width, which fits correctly." — Customer Review

A customer referred to this as their best Nordstrom purchase ever, and that's all I need to hear.

"They are amazing. Give such a lift and stay on even in the sweatiest of climates! They don't irritate the skin and [are] easy to use again." — Customer Review

This reusable bra is good for up to 25 wears. 

"Love these! This bra stays put and lasts a long time if you rinse each cup with warm water after each use. I live in Miami and never have issues with sweat causing these to slip. Worth the price!" — Customer Review

"The perfect bra under my low-back tops and dresses. Soft and comfortable. Great fit." — Customer Review

This bra has over 12,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, but this review was the best. "Wore for my wedding yesterday. It was almost 90°F, and it rained, and this thing did not budge even a little bit. My only complaint was that the cups were really small, but they pushed the girls together like they were supposed to." — Customer Review

"I was really surprised, but this bra was so comfortable you could sleep in it if you had to. I got all three colors before they were gone." — Customer Review

"Thrilled with this bra. The bra stayed on for over seven hours, including dancing. It was very comfortable. I washed it according to instructions, and the stickiness was retained. I will not need this bra again for a while, so I don't know if it will work as well again, but I was amazingly pleased. Very easy to apply." — Customer Review

"This is a great strapless low-back bra [that] will work for my low-back wedding dress. I would like to have it more longline than it is, also the ribs in it could be more sturdy by the cups. This was the only strapless low-back bra I could find anywhere. I was so glad I was able to find this one!" — Customer Review

"I love this! It has the perfect amount of stretch and makes me feel very secure but not constricted. I have multiple colors already, and now I want more." — Customer Review

This bra actually looks cute when you take it all off.

"I was skeptical about ordering a bra online. I usually like to try on first. I took a chance by reading the reviews and the sizing chart... BEST BRA I'VE EVER PURCHASED. Nice plunge, great support, very convertible, and self-explanatory. Came with an extra strap and clear straps as well. So comfy and sexy. [I] got black and nude. Love it. If you know your bra size, the sizing is very accurate. Love it. Glad I purchased." — Customer Review

The fact that this one sticks right on has me intrigued.

Shop more bras:

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The kind of bra you want to peek out from under your blouse.