These 5 Shapewear Finds Are Essential—Let the Reviews Speak for Themselves

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If you're searching for shapewear to boost your confidence, you've come to the right place. I invested hours scouring the internet and conducting thorough research to bring you the best available options. Based on the reviews I've read, these selections won't disappoint.

 Whether you need something to wear under a special occasion dress or simply want to enhance your everyday look, these shapewear finds are perfect for you. Let's explore the world of shapewear and discover the ideal piece to meet your needs.

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How to find the right shapewear:

Tip 1: Ensure that you choose shapewear that matches the outfits you regularly wear. For example, if you rarely wear backless dresses, there's no need to purchase shapewear specifically designed for that style. Selecting shapewear that aligns with your lifestyle is crucial.

Tip 2: Comfort is equally important, so sizing plays a significant role. If you're shopping online, I recommend ordering multiple sizes and styles from a retailer that offers free returns (ahem Nordstrom). This way, you can find the perfect item for you and easily return what doesn't work out.

Tip 3: Finally, consider your body shape and size when choosing shapewear. Different body types may require different recommendations. Checking the reviews can reveal insights from customers who have a similar body type. Luckily, many shapewear brands offer items catering to specific body types, such as hourglass or pear. By examining the website you're shopping on, you can find additional guidance to steer you in the right direction.

Below, you'll find a fashion editor's guide to the best shapewear available online: award-show style.

The Best Shapewear Bodysuit: Honeylove + Cami Bodysuit

Shop the winner:

I'm giving this award to HoneyLove because of how perfectly constructed their Cami bodysuit is. Designed to offer support without underwire (hello comfort!), give the ultimate smoothing look, and prevent wedgies (thank god). I'm sold.

Side note: many reviewers raved about the easy bathroom trips.

Customer Review: "I have been loving my bodysuit!! The gentle hug with the awesome x band across the tummy is perfect for my everyday use without feeling too compressed or restricted. I've always been hesitant about bodysuits because of the lack of bathroom ease, but this bodysuit has a SUPER easy-to-use closure—plus it pairs perfectly with my pants, jeans, and skirts."

Honorable mention:

"Love love love this shapewear bodysuit! It holds you in perfectly and smooths you out! It’s very comfortable too. I can’t say enough good things about SKIMS!" —Customer review

Customer Review: "Great shapewear bodysuit. Love shapewear but I’m very picky about bras as I need lift and support (36DD) This bodysuit creates a beautiful silhouette. Holds and curves everything right where you want it."

Customer Review: "I absolutely love the fit of this garment. It was the quality that I expected and more. It has been a struggle for myself, as a curvy girl, to find the right foundation, generally because the cup size is never available. I generally wear a 38G but I decided to give the 38DDD a chance as it was the closest that I have ever come to my cup size in an underlayer!"

The Best Shapewear Underwear: Shapermint Essentials + High Waist Shaper Thong

Shop the winner:

When it comes to wedding season, shapewear underwear is my saving grace. A lot of the bridesmaid dresses I've been assigned to wear are a bit tight at the waist and most of my underwear isn't the right fit for it. When it comes to shapewear underwear, I look for something high-waisted that can suck me in and a thong style so that it looks like I'm wearing nothing underneath. I'm convinced this item from Shapermint Essentials will do the job and the reviewers agree with me.

Customer Review: "I have purchased a lot of Shapermint products in the past and all of them fit really good and make my outfits look even better!! This high waist shaper thong is no exception!! The high waist comes just under your bra and doesn’t roll down. It also smooths out the back fat as well."

Honorable mention:

Customer Review: "This is what I've been looking for! A pantie that comes up high enough to cover the extra and with a leg opening that doesn't bind and make another line. It's easily adjustable to make the top hit where you want it to and comfortable and pretty to boot!"

Customer Review: "I have returned so many control panties that did not stay up, or caused bulges under clothing. These stay up and are smoothly under everything, no cling, no tight squeeze, just even control. We need more control panties like these, they are perfect!"

Customer Review: "I bought this post-pregnancy and they fit comfortably, not snug & not loose just right for what I was looking for."

The Best Shapewear Shorts: Skims + Sculpting Mid-Thigh Shorts

Shop the winner:

Shorts are another perfect item to style under dresses no matter the occasion. If you pick a high-waisted style you can flatter the thighs, back, and tummy at once. My favorite thing about this Skims picks is that it was designed to lift the butt and comes in a colorway to match every skin tone.

Customer Review: "I wore these in hot humid climate last week and they were great. Held me in and kept me decent in high winds. No bulge in the thigh and no roll down at the waist. Hand washed and they were dry in the morning. Love the fabric and all the solution oriented styles. A lot of thought was put into this line. I highly recommend."

Honorable mention:

Customer Review: "You will really look 10 pounds thinner! This is an amazing ultra-slimming and curve-flattering under-clothing shapewear. The one thing is it is soooo tight! But once you get it on it is comfortable and it makes your rear unbelievably shapley! Love it! Buy it!"

Customer Review: "These are just what I’ve been looking for. They smooth things out but aren’t super restrictive. They are actually comfortable. They work well under a suede dress."

The Best Shapewear Slips: Skims + Ribbed Long Slip Dress

Shop the winner:

A slip dress has always been an essential in every woman's wardrobe yet it's often overlooked. This time will be a lifesaver when you have a dress that's a little bit too see-through or want to hold everything in before slipping into your party dress. The Skims dress is viral for a reason so let's discuss.

Customer Review: "I love this dress so much! I’ve been struggling to find dresses that are comfortable and fit my physique/body/height! This one is perfect! It’s super light weight and super comfortable! Also fits like a glove! I got an XL which is my usual size and it fits perfectly. I have no complaints!"

Honorable mention:

Customer Review: "I bought this to wear under dresses for work. I am a middle school teacher and some dresses are too thin and I feel more comfortable with a second layer between my body and the outside world. Overall, I am very satisfied. It does the job!"

This style doesn't have any reviews yet but it's so pretty I had to mention it.

Customer Review: "An outfit’s best friend. First of all, I am easily, a size 26 and this fit perfectly. I adore how it smooths everything out and makes my clothes sort of slide on my body. I also found a secondary use for this and it’s wearing it under crop tops. When I have it on under my crop tops, they don’t roll up or ride up because they’re sitting on the smooth fabric instead of my skin. I want this in at least two other colors."

The Best Waist Trainers: Skims + Waist Trainer

Shop the winner:

If you're looking for immediate results, this item is for you. The word "snatched" doesn't even begin to describe what will happen when you slip into this waist trainer. Your natural curves will be accentuated into the perfect hourglass shape. There's no honorable mention here because this one is simply the best.

Customer Review: "I’m 5’6 and 135-140lbs. I typically wear a 4/6 in jeans. I ordered a small. I’ve always had a little stomach. When this came I could immediately tell the difference! I won’t have to worry about my “pudge” in dresses anymore."

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