The Thongs, Tights, and Shapewear Celebs Actually Wear

From building some of Rihanna’s and Kim Kardashian West’s most iconic outfits to cementing London’s best dressed It-girl scene, superstylist and creative director Avigail Collins is known in fashion circles for being the go-to when you’re a celebrity looking to craft an exciting new look. She’s the mastermind behind ingenious ensembles for Lorde and is the force behind some of British It girls Daisy Lowe’s coolest looks, but Collins’s wardrobing skills extend even further. See her own streetwear-inspired line, Silver Spoon Attire, for starters, founded in 2013 alongside her husband (and fellow sought-after stylist) Damian Collins. Her high-profile music clients—and a global street style following—make up a pretty impressive fan club. If anyone can spot the next big thing, it’s Collins, which is why our UK site is thrilled to have her on board to bring you a monthly column about what's hot now.

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK.