I'm Ditching My Strapless Bras for These 18 Well-Reviewed Alternatives

strapless bra alternatives



This summer, we're seeing a major trend of "complicated" clothing that requires a bra situation that's a bit more involved than usual. With cool cutoutsbackless dresses, and the latest "napkin top" craze taking over the fashion scene, it's no surprise if you've found yourself on the hunt for alternatives to traditional strapless bras more often. I know I certainly have.

The issue I have with regular strapless bras is that they're not always completely invisible, and even the most supportive ones tend to slide down eventually. So, I went on a mission to find the best alternatives that still get the job done, and I've handpicked 18 items to share with you here. From adhesive bras and pasties to Kim Kardashian–approved boob tape, these options have me ready to bid farewell to my old strapless bra.

If you're also looking to ditch strapless bras without sacrificing support and shape, keep scrolling to discover some fantastic alternatives that have earned glowing reviews from customers.

Adhesive Bras

4/5 stars, 5878 reviews

Customer review: "I love this thing — it doesn’t last forever but if you wash with soap and water and let dry, it can stand many many wearings. I am a smallish B cup and often go braless — this is perfect when that’s not appropriate. It also is the only stick-on I’ve tried that masks my nipples and gives me a natural lift plus a little extra. Stays on even while exercising."

3.4/5 stars, 9508 reviews

Customer review: "I am really shocked that this thing works. For reference, I’m a 36D. For years I have searched for a good strapless bra that wouldn’t slide down and always resorted to painful itchy duck tape in order to wear cute strapless tops and dresses. I had low expectations that this would work for a D cup but it does. Just follow the instructions to get it on right. Once you have the bra in place press it and hold it firmly for about seven seconds so it adheres. Wash according to instructions, and save the backing stickers. I was so impressed and happy with this bra, that I bought more."

3.8/5 stars, 7094 reviews

Customer review: "So far I love these. I wore them specifically so I could wear a low-cut dress. They stayed in place perfectly through the whole five-hour event. I was also worried that they wouldn't remain sticky, and would be a one-time use...which also proved me wrong. I have worn them twice with no problems. Five stars, super pleased with them!"

5/5 stars, 435 reviews

Customer review: "I ordered these to go with a strapless dress, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised! I was skeptical because I wear a D and usually wear underwire bras with straps to hold my boobs up where they belong, but these worked really well! They actually work as a push-up bra (which I didn’t expect, honestly), and while it did take a few tries to get them placed correctly, they were still pretty easy to use. They’re great quality and have held up well, with me wearing them multiple times- and they’re still just as sticky as the first time I used them. I expected that it might be painful to remove them with them being so sticky, but thankfully removing them wasn’t painful at all. I’d definitely purchase them again if needed, and have already recommended them to several friends. Shipping was also pretty fast, which was nice."

4.4/5 stars, 58 reviews

Customer review: "I love the thickness of the product and it doesn't feel cheap. I like the black ones and wish there more options to pick the colors you want to receive instead of the company choosing the combination. That's my only complaint. I don't typically buy nude undergarments, but I will utilize these. My breasts are on the bigger side, not humongous but they work for me."

4.1/5 stars, 224 reviews

Customer review: "I am really used to the stick-on pasties that stay on like a Band-Aid and wanted something with a little more push-up effect. These have a little more meat to them and are not flat. More them with my dress today and they have stayed on all day. I live in hot Southern Florida so I will see how these hold up once it gets into the hotter humid weather. I like that this gave me a little more push up effect than just the pasties."

3.9/5 stars, 77 reviews

Customer review: "I was skeptical about these adhesive silicone bras but they do really work and stayed in place all day long! They are not only doing a good job of providing support but also reusable. They are seamless and easy to clean and work great with my strapless dress. I should have bought them sooner!"

The trend to try with it: Backless Dresses

Boob Tape

This tape is a game-changer. When applied correctly, it provides incredible lift and stays in place all day long. I was especially impressed with its versatility. Since you can simply cut it off the roll with a pair of scissors, you can create a makeshift bra for any top or dress you have. I tested it out with a sheer tank top and now I'm already envisioning how perfectly it would work with all the strappy dresses in my closet.

5/5 stars, 1 review

Customer review: "I was surprised at the high quality of this and would definitely recommend it. I plan on buying it again."

3.5/5 stars, 2136 reviews

Customer review: "Where has this been all my life! This tape is great for those breast-baring outfits that's hard to find a bra for. The nipple cover feels like actual fabric, and the tape itself is soft and easy to peel off. The customer service is topnotch they were able to answer all my questions and even guide me on how to wear it."

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4.7/5 stars, 789 reviews

Customer review: "Wow! Okay, ladies, let's be real. Boobs don't need bras, boobs need nippies by Bristol 6. Bras cause premature atrophy- nippies cause comfort. I'm 5' 4" B cup and just bought these. I've been anti-bra for years but I work in a professional setting. Nipples are just not part of that haha. So I would layer endlessly. Not anymore. I bought the medium color and honestly unless you are very fair white, the medium is the way to go. They matched my skin almost perfectly, AND they passed the paper-thin white tank test. If you've ever thought about getting them do it because you'll be satisfied like me."

3.9/5 stars, 67 reviews

Customer review: "This adhesive bra was the perfect answer to providing some 'moveable' cleavage to my sheer back wedding dress as an alternative to sewing padded cups directly into the dress. I used this for many tanks and dresses on the honeymoon over the past month, as an alternative to my uncomfortably banded strapless bras. I wash it with warm soapy water and air dry - and it retains its stick and shape. I'd replace this every summer if needed."

4.8/5 stars, 69 reviews

Customer review: "It’s not often that I am not wearing a bra but when you have those specific types of tops or dresses where you absolutely cannot wear a bra or it will look funny, these are a fantastic go-to. They cover what needs to be covered so it doesn’t show through the clothing. They can be cleaned and reused for quite a while before needing a replacement. Love these."

4.5/5 stars, 164 reviews

Customer review: "These are the absolute best! I was skeptical to see if they would last for all-day wear and they do. I used to use Band-Aid's which really hurt to take off, and would sometimes pinch my skin while wearing. When I'm wearing these Braza petal tops I don't even notice them, my nipples are fairly strong and can still be seen through padded bras and I have yet to see them through these. The best part is they don't hurt at all to take off."

4.5/5 stars, 363 reviews

Customer review: "I bought a dress here on Amazon that had eyelets on the breasts. I couldn’t find dark colors in stock. I used 4 of these on each breast. Held up in the Texas heat and sweat. We’ll order these again when I run out."

4.7/5 stars, 58 reviews

Customer review: "I think I’ve tried nearly all the pasties available (Thin paper like clover-shaped, think silicone-like, painful sticky’s with frayed edges, etc. etc.) and this one is by far the best! These are completely reusable, totally invisible, and provide phenomenal coverage. I’m a 34G and my nipples remain on high alert almost always. These covers do the job like no other. They are comfortable and smooth, no bumps or lumps anywhere...at all. I’m an African American woman so the color is an added plus and actually how I found these...looking for an alternative to match my skin tone. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these to ANY woman who has a similar issue. The very best coverage EVER."

4.9/5 stars, 18 reviews

Customer review: "I couldn't even tell they were there—super comfortable and worked great."

3.9/5 stars, 14 reviews

Customer review: "Love these! They are perfect for shirts and dresses where a strapless bra just doesn’t work. I also hate strapless bras so love being able to use these as an alternative. I wore mine on a very hot day and they stayed in place all day. Easy to apply and easy to remove. They did not leave any marks at all."

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