The 19 Best Adhesive Bras That Will Actually Hold Up


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There's quite possibly nothing more frustrating than finding that perfect dress or top and realizing you don't have the proper bra to wear underneath. When it comes to today's backless, strapless, and skin-baring strappy and cutout silhouettes, your go-to T-shirt bra—and even your trusty strapless bra—just won't do. Thankfully, there's a nifty little invention that's here to save you from any impending wardrobe malfunctions, the adhesive bra.

Adhesive bras are just what they sound like. They are bras, sans backs and straps, that are equipped with a stick-on backing, sometimes throughout the cup and other times on specially designed wings and tabs. They'll hoist you up, keep things nicely in place, and even help boost your cleavage and enhance your natural shape—all while remaining super discreet and invisible. And when you're more concerned with coverage than support, there are nipple-covering adhesives and customizable breast-tape options to choose from as well.

Not all stick-on bras are created equal, so we scoured our favorite sites for the very best bras, from lifting underwire-foam styles to shaping silicone stickies. Keep scrolling for the 19 best adhesive bras out there, and never worry about a nip slip ever again.

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