5 New Fashion Basics Flooding the Streets of London This Summer

London summer fashion basics



If you suddenly found yourself emerging a from the underground metro at Oxford Circus, you'd be greeted by a flurry of stylish Londoners. Stop for a minute to people watch and I'm certain you'd be able to pick out a handful of the popular fashion items in all of the U.K. That's because there's actually a short list of summer fashion basics quickly taking over the city from Kensington to Shoreditch.

London is such an epicenter for amazing street style, so we took to our favorite Instagram accounts to uncover what the city's fashion set is wearing now. Ultimately, we uncovered five hero items that are carving out important spots in the closets of the city's coolest. These are the London summer fashion basics like floaty dresses and go-anywhere sandals that are trending hard across the pond (though I have a feeling it won't be long before they infiltrate the States, too).

Keep reading to discover and shop each of the warm-weather closet staples Londoners are all wearing now.

Breezy Maxi Dresses

Everyone knows that breezy dresses are a must-have come high summer, and the UK fashion set is all going in on floor-grazing maxi styles, which they're wearing with everything from sneakers to sandals.

Kaleidoscopic Slip Skirts

For summer, London girls are putting a colorful spin on this closet staple skirt in bright hues like pink, lavender, and green.

Though Hyde Park may be a far cry from the true wilderness, London's most stylish set will be traipsing around the city in sporty, go-anywhere sandals. No hiking gear in sight, though one of the aforementioned breezy maxi dresses is highly encouraged.

Blazers got a roomy update for spring and summer. London girls know that when it comes to this closet staple the boxier, the better.

Creamy Trousers

For those hot days when jeans are just too heavy and impractical, fashion girls will be hitting pause on their denim in favor of lightweight trousers in shades of off-white and cream.